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  SOLUS PRO Level One
Course Objectives
  • To learn SOLUS PRO features and functionality
  • Controls, navigation, menus, settings
  • Working with the vehicle communication software
  • Working with Fast-Track® Troubleshooter
Scan Tool Introduction
  • Understanding the role of the scan tool in automotive diagnostics
SOLUS PRO Platform
  • Controls, connectors, battery, CF card
  • Available accessories
Navigation & Functions
  • General controls, navigation and setup functions
  • Using the Utilities menu to change tool settings
  • How to use the Help feature
Saving Data
  • Saving and managing data
  • Files stored to internal memory, CF or USB storage
Vehicle Communication Software (VCS)
  • VCS menus, navigation, coverage and functions
  • How to connect to vehicle and ID vehicles
Data Display Options
  • Text, PID list and data display features
  • Benefits of each type display format
  • How to create custom PID lists
Graphing Data
  • The difference between digital and graphed data
  • How to capture, save and interpret graphed data
  • Working with multiple graph views


 SOLUS PRO Level Two    SOLUS PRO Niveau Deux
In English   En français
Course Objectives
  • To learn SOLUS PRO diagnostic capabilities
  • Retrieving codes, capturing data in text, PID, and graphing display
  • Using functional tests
  • Using Troubleshooter
Codes and Data
  • Retrieving codes
  • Relative data in Text, PID, and Graphing displays
Code Menu Options
  • Viewing data relevant to a specific code
  • Freeze frame
  • DTC status
  • Global OBD
PID Triggers
  • Advanced data capture techniques
  • Using PID triggers and data review
Functional Tests
  • Functional test menus, capabilities and types of tests
  • How functional tests aid the diagnostic process
Global OBD-II
  • The nine modes of Global OBD
  • The difference between VIN-specific and Global OBD systems
Fast-Track Troubleshooter
  • How to use Troubleshooter
  • How to find information in Troubleshooter

Dans ce cours, vous en apprendrez davantage sur les capacités de diagnostic de systèmes automobiles de l'appareil SOLUS PRO.

Vous apprendrez comment:

Récupérer des codes

Capter des données en modes de texte, PID (identification des paramètres) et graphiques

Utiliser les essais fonctionnels

Utiliser le mode Diagnostic pour trouver des ressources d'information, des caractéristiques techniques et d'autres renseignements basés sur les connaissances d'utilisateurs

Utiliser les déclencheurs PID















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