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SureTrack preview available at no charge with ShopKey Pro or current diagnostic software. See your Snap-on representative.


Now there's an online expert information tool that can help any shop and any tech, regardless of experience level.

Designed to help you improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce repair time. SureTrack® is a comprehensive source of expert knowledge for professional technicians, combining diagnostic experience and detailed parts replacement records, all wrapped in an interactive community.

SureTrack offers this exclusive list of features:

  • Access to multiple resources through a single intelligent lookup
  • Common Replaced Parts feature shows which parts are most frequently replaced to successfully complete repairs for symptoms, codes and vehicles similar to the one in your bay
  • Tips and fixes harvested from completed repairs, validated by SureTrack expert technicians
  • Guided Component Tests and waveform library gathered through on-vehicle tests for a confident diagnosis
  • OEM campaign alerts – never forget to check for TSBs and recalls again
  • Up-to-the-minute intelligence based on vehicles currently in service bays nationwide

Exclusive single-point lookup lets you access all SureTrack resources with one click. This user-friendly search engine let’s you choose the criteria you want to use: vehicle, symptom, code or keywords.


Straightforward three-tab display organizes results. See the answers you need at-a-glance so you get the fast route to a diagnosis and repair.


Which part is actually the root cause of the problem? This panel shows the results from successful repairs. See which parts are most frequently replaced to complete the repair for symptoms, fault codes and vehicles similar to the one in your bay.


Learn what has worked for other techs like you. Experience tips are harvested through completed repair orders from shops and technicians across the country, validated by SureTrack experts.


Guided Component Tests are specific for each component and each vehicle, so you get a confident diagnosis. Includes component operational description, best test location and connection diagrams for quick results.


No simulations here – this comprehensive collection of waveforms and data graphs is gathered through actual on-vehicle tests, so you know exactly what to look for to verify faulty parts.


SureTrack - The fastest path to fixed


SureTrack preview is now available at no charge for customers with ShopKey Pro or current Snap-on diagnostic software.

The preview offers access to comprehensive powertrain and driveability coverage, with additional systems coverage coming soon.

Experience the fastest way to find the problem, find the failed part and the fix. For more information, see your Snap-on Representative or call 800-944-3877.

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