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Fueling the Need for Speed

It’s one of the world’s great mechanical laboratories. It’s where machines and extremes collide, where power and endurance face the challenges of vibration, heat and violent impact. It’s the automotive racetrack, and its audience and rewards are measured by the millions.

With so much at stake it’s no wonder that the fabrication shops, the garages and the pits are routinely stocked with Snap-on® tools. The top teams can’t afford unnecessary chances and the contenders can’t afford to bypass any advantage.

The racetrack is one of the proving grounds Snap-on engineers watch carefully. Failure is unimaginable – every wrench has to reach and grip by instinct; every socket has to deliver torque and speed without slipping or binding. Seconds are counted by hundreths and Snap-on tools help control the time.

Whether it’s a NASCAR pit stop, an IRL inspection, an NHRA engine teardown or a Saturday night dirt race, the successful teams have Snap-on tools in their hands. And the guy looking over their shoulders – he could very well be a Snap-on engineer.

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