Aviation and Aerospace Certification Programs

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Today's air and space craft require extraordinarily sophisticated tools and equipment to design, build, and repair. Snap-on offers a broad range of hand, power, torque, and specialty tools for the aviation and aerospace industry. 

In no industry is the proper use of torque instruments and a solid understanding of tensioning skills more vital than in aviation and aerospace.  A technician certified in the use of these instruments and the theories behind the application will be a valuable asset to an employer. 

Students or technicians with third party certificates are more marketable, and prepared with fundamental skills.  With the quickly changing technologies and materials in aviation and aerospace, these skills often need to be updated or refined.

New certifications pertinent to aviation soon offered by Snap-on include Tool Control/Asset Management Software and FOD Prevention as well as Precision Drilling, Hole Preparation and Fastener Certificaton.



To request more information about this program, please email us at education@snapon.com and please be sure to include information about your school or program.


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