An overarching platform of certification courses incorporated
into technical school curriculum to provide industry
supported education on tool use and theory.  Technical
schools that participate in the program receive the benefits
of Snap-on support and association with the Snap-on brand. 
Students that participate in the program receive industry
supported education and access to the Snap-on Student
Excellence Program (SEP) to buy tools at discount.

Tools for Life
Snap-on’s philosophy of providing educators, instructors and
students the possibility of shaping their future through Snap-on
certifications, industry supported curriculum and Snap-on products.

Certification Program Details
Once the school is equipped with the certification workstation
(typically a Snap-on roll cab with all the required tools and lab
materials in foam) and the instructor has attended one of two
annual “train the trainer” sessions (equipment not required to attend)
the school will be set up with their own test site access.  Once a student successfully completes their exam the instructor can print off a Snap-on certificate for the student to add to their resume.


All of the certification programs come with
•  Curriculum
•  Online Testing Site Access
•  Opportunity to Attend Train the Trainer – required for all
    certifications except Multimeter (available online)




•­  Multimeter
•­  Horticulture





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