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The Snap-on Asset Management Certification explains the fundamental 
importance of total asset control consisting of tool control theory and foreign object damage (FOD) prevention.

Asset Management is a vital program for a variety of industries, including 
aviation, wind energy, nuclear energy facilities, pharmaceuticals and food 

Students and technicians who successfully complete this course will have an
understanding of general asset management which consists of tool control 
theories and FOD principles and prevention, as well as a deep understanding 
of the TCMax asset management software, which is currently used by industry, 
government and the U.S. military.





•­  Multimeter
•­  Horticulture



•­  Definitions and general principles of:
             •  FOD (foreign object damage/debris)
             •  FOP (foreign object prevention)
             •  FOE (foreign object elimination)
             •  FME (foreign material exclusion)
•­  Asset management theories and industry norms
             •  Five levels of tool control
             •  FOD prevention            
•­  Operate asset management software (TCMax)
             •  Create inventory database
             •  Monitor inventory levels
             •  Issuing and returning tools
             •  Establish calibration dates for precision tools
             •  Understanding reporting capabilities

Receive an official NC3 certificate for
proof of achievement providing third
party stackable credentials that can
offer enhanced employment potential
and higher productivity on the job, in
industries such as:

•  Automotive
•­  Aviation/Aerospace
•­  Diesel/Heavy Duty
•­  Electrical
•­  Energy
•  Engineering
•­  Manufacturing
•­  Mechatronics
•­  Military
•­  Robotics
•­  Transportation

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