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Today’s diesel and heavy duty vehicles require computerized diagnostics to properly identify problems. As the leader in aftermarket diesel vehicle diagnostics, Snap-on has developed certification training for students and 
technicians to undergo rigorous classroom training and advanced lab

The majority of technicians utilizing scanning equipment know only
20 to 30 percent of the tool’s capabilities. When you participate in Snap-on certification, you will leave as a scanner power-user and have
real world lab experience.





•­  Multimeter
•­  Horticulture



•  Understanding scanner controls and navigation
             •  Engine, transmission, ABS and more
             •  Menus and capabilites
             •  Configure Settings
             •  Capture and manage saved data
•  ­Using vehicle communication software
             •  Common user interface across
             •  OEM applications
             •  Global OBD II
             •  OEM data parameters
             •  Proprietary trouble codes
             •  advanced functional tests
             •  Reprogramming
•  Cause and effect
             •  Codes and data             
•­  Vehicle ID specification
•­  Troubleshooting techniques
•­  PC connectivity via USB
•­  Create custom data lists
•­  Troubleshoot drivability, ABS, body control and     other systems
•­  On-screen trouble code definitions
•­  Easy-to-use menus and message screens

Receive an official NC3 certificate for
proof of achievement providing third
party stackable credentials that can
offer enhanced employment potential
and higher productivity on the job, in
industries such as:

•  Contruction
•­  Diesel Engine
•­  Fleet Maintenance
•­  Heavy Duty Equipment
•­  Mass Transit

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