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The impact of horticultural processes has never been greater, with Applications ranging from architecture and urban design to plant and
food supply to recreational activities.

With such a wide spectrum of industries involved in horticulture, career opportunities exist for those trained and educated in the use and safety
of horticultural tools.

Snap-on has created a highly valuable certification course in horticulture, using the broad line of high quality Bahco® pruners (secateurs) and loppers.




•­  Multimeter
•­  Horticulture



•  Safety objectives
             •  Protective guidelines for using,                           storing and carrying
•  ­Pruner and lopper design
             •  One-versus two-handed models
             •  Features and sizes
             •  Blade and grinding technologies
•  Applications
             •  Environment and material size
             •  Cutting guidelines
•­  Tool maintenance

Receive an official NC3 certificate for
proof of achievement providing third
party stackable credentials that can
offer enhanced employment potential
and higher productivity on the job, in
industries such as:

•  Agriculture
•­  Floral
•­  Landscaping
•­  Parks and Recreation
•­  Turf Management
•­  Viticulture

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