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Whether just starting out, or a veteran of the shop, a working knowledge of torque theory and application is a fundamental requirement of any engineering, maintenance service or repair position. A Snap-on Torque Certification provides a widely recognized endorsement of both expertise and demonstrated achievement to employers, making technicians a valuable asset throughout the industry.

For employers looking into continuing education for their technicians, there is no better way to give them the knowledge and expertise they need to be successful.





•­  Multimeter
•­  Horticulture



•  Tool Safety
             •  Hand tools
             •  Electric tools
•  ­Principles of fasteners
•  Understanding torque theory
             •  Mechanical instruments
             •  Electric instruments
•­  Hands-on operation of torque tools

Receive an official NC3 certificate for
proof of achievement providing third
party stackable credentials that can
offer enhanced employment potential
and higher productivity on the job, in
industries such as:

•  Automotive
•­  Aviation/Aerospace
•­  Diesel/Heavy Duty
•­  Electrical
•­  Energy
•  Engineering
•­  General Repair
•­  HVAC
•­  Manufacturing
•­  Mass Transit
•  Mechanical
•­  Mechatronics
•­  PC Repair
•­  Robotics

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