Network of Partnerships  

Snap-on has relationships with industry leaders all over the globe, and that network includes local industry that can benefit from partnerships with schools in their area. When possible, Snap-on can assist with cultivating these partnerships.

A relationship with Snap-on goes well beyond access to tools and tool storage.  Snap-on has a vested in the success of each of its partners, and has shown this by supporting partners in a number of ways.

Membership in this community gives instructors the chance to network with peers and compare their programs with others around the country.


Facilities Assistance

If your school is planning to build new facilities, Snap-on staff can assist at each step of the process; whether it be by providing CAD drawings of potential layouts or meeting with architects to discuss topics associated with technical work space.

State of the art facilities don't just attract students and their parents.  Local and national industry members are more likely to partner with schools that can benefit their brand image.

The "Snap-on Innovation Room" pictured (left) is a working classroom with two bay doors, allowing hands-on instruction in an environment fit for any level student or current professional.


Curriculum Access 

Course materials are developed by Snap-on, with input from industry, assuring that the curriculum meets the need of potential employers.

The curricula is written so that the instructor can break it into different modules to fit within his or her current course removing the need for additional development time.

Snap-on is a member of the National Coalition for Certification Centers (NC3).  NC3 manages Snap-on curricula through its online file management system.  To learn more about NC3, click here.


Online Testing Access

Once a student or technician has received the training and completed any related lab work with the instructor, they must take an online exam in order to receive their certification.  After successful completion of the exam, the certificate will be available to print directly from their online testing account.

Each partner school assigns a staff member the role of facilator in order to access the testing site.  The facilitator can run reports on test results, for both "pre-tests" and final tests.

No fees are associated with the online tests.


If you have further questions, please email us at and please be sure to include information about your school or program.


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