The goal of the Snap-on Technical Education Program is to use certification courses to place emphasis on tool use, theory and application — three areas that make students more well-rounded, skilled and proficient on the job.

When your school decides to partner with Snap-on, we can evaluate the current state of your program, and identify the goals you wish to obtain.

•  Valuable Course Curriculum
•  Up-to-date Instructor Training
•  Stackable Third Party Certifications
•  Instructor Networking Opportunities
•  Bi-annual Train the Trainer events

Tools and Equipment
» Snap-on can provide all the tools needed for your technical education program.

Facility Planning
» Snap-on can help evaluate current classroom and facility designs to maximize their full potential and help ensure the ideal educational workspace.

Curriculum and Staff Development
» Snap-on works with schools to offer necessary certifications for students to acquire stackable professional credentials.
» The certifications can be an add-on, but typically are integrated into the existing courses offered by partnering schools.
» Additionally, with the support of NC3, Snap-on will facilitate Train the Trainer sessions to assure instructors are fully prepared to pass on the skills students need.

Base level program requiring schools to have instructor(s) trained in a Snap-on certification and include the content in a course curriculum.

•  School selects a Snap-on certification course.
•  School selects instructor(s) to be trained.
•  Instructor(s) attend(s) Train the Trainer session.
•  School uses content to improve/upgrade their existing course.
•  School may hold independent certification courses.

Higher level program requiring schools to have instructor(s) trained in two Snap-on certifications, include the content in course curriculum and develop a Snap-on integrated facility for certification training.

•  Everything that is included in Certification Level, PLUS:
•  School selects, at minimum, two Snap-on certification courses.
•  School commits to becoming a Snap-on integrated training facility.
•  Snap-on will provide assistance with facility planning and design, CAD drawings and funding presentations.
•  Snap-on will seek opportunities to foster industry involvement.


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