Scaffold Building Kits

Kit comes assembled and includes tools shown below. Scaffold builders literally open the box, put on the belt, and go to work with a kit that keeps them safe and increases productivity. Since each tool is independently tethered, any tool can be used and returned to its’ holster while still maintaining three points of contact as pictured here.

• Holsters are designed with built-in attachment points or retractors
• Tools are tethered to the holster at all times so the risk of dropping a tool while transferring from bag to lanyard is eliminated
• Several holsters also feature hook and  loop flaps that secure the tool while being transported
• System is completely modular and can be arranged in any order on the tool belt based on the user’s preference
• All Tools @ Height holsters and pouches are also available for individual purchase for attachment to existing tool belts or harnesses

Scaffold Builders Kit Brochure