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Brand Values

Snap-on. This word conjures up images of quality, service, innovation. It is a strong word, a word that conveys superior workmanship. There is a distinct pride of ownership among customers who use Snap-on products. They know there is no equal.

The essence of the Snap-on brand can be boiled down to seven key attributes: high-quality products, exceptional service, innovation, expertise, premium price, productivity and leadership.

  • High-quality products: Snap-on tools are subjected to stringent specifications, and often last for generations. Developed in close cooperation with customers, Snap-on products use high-quality materials and are designed to unite ergonomics and utility.
  • Exceptional service: Customers rely on the expertise of Snap-on dealers and sales representatives to provide solutions. In turn, Snap-on strives to exceed customers' expectations before they buy, while they buy and after they buy.
  • Innovation: Snap-on continuously demonstrates its market leadership through innovation. Every year the company increases the number of patents, which reinforces Snap-on's strong solutioneer approach. Snap-on delivers products that incorporate customer knowledge, the latest technology, outstanding design and high functionality.
  • Expertise: Innovation is born of knowledge - knowledge that Snap-on has developed through experience and close relationships with its customers. It is both a broad knowledge of the industries it is in and an intimate knowledge of customers and the environment in which they work. Snap-on thoroughly understands the professional tool-user: how they work and what they need to perform that work.
  • Premium price: Snap-on products and services compete in the premium segment of their respective categories. As the overwhelming choice of professionals, our customers have high expectations and are willing to pay more for products that deliver higher value.
  • Productivity: From the way Snap-on tools are delivered to the way they perform, Snap-on is continually seeking ways to save time for customers. Snap-on tools are known for helping users enhance productivity, providing high-quality work in a short amount of time.
  • Leadership: Snap-on is at the forefront in its industry, taking the lead in a multitude of areas - from how it provides service to the customer to the use of cutting-edge technology in product development.


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