Snap-on's Policy on Environment, Health and Safety
Snap-on Incorporated recognizes and believes in the importance of safeguarding our natural resources and global environmental heritage. We believe that environmental goals can and should be consistent with economic health. We pledge to protect environmental quality and human welfare in our communities; and to implement environmentally sound policies designed to prevent, mitigate and, where appropriate, remedy impacts on the environment and the community. We are committed to the goal of providing a safe and healthy workplace.

Our environmental efforts are focused on maintaining our record of continuous improvement. In 1997, we introduced a new benchmarking program for all production facilities. This program monitors energy conservation, wastewater performance, waste volume, waste management, recycling volume and environmental innovations at each facility, and recognizes the facility with the best overall performance with an annual Snap-on Environmental Achievement Award.

We are proud of our past environmental achievements, and we will continue to implement environmentally sound practices designed to prevent, mitigate and remedy impacts on the environment as we search for ways to further improve our performance.

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