Snap-on is committed to preserving the land and natural resources. We work to reduce, reuse and recycle; eliminate waste and pollution at its source; and conserve energy and natural resources through prudent use and reuse.

We weigh many factors in our business decisions concerning the materials we use to manufacture products. We consider the product's final disposal, if the material is biodegradable or recyclable, and the overall ecotoxicity of the material.

For us, reducing waste is part of doing business. We make an effort to involve and educate employees, as well as communicate our commitment to suppliers.

Environmental Management Systems
We strive for continuous improvement and believe that the most efficient means of accomplishing our environmental goals is through empowerment of our employees. Internal audits are conducted regularly at all Snap-on facilities and subsidiaries to verify that we are meeting national as well as internal standards. Our management system is proactive, enabling us to work well in advance of regulation implementation. In most cases, our internal tests and audits go well beyond simple compliance with regulatory requirements, resulting in ever-increasing levels of performance.

Plant Processes
All Snap-on production facilities give due consideration to waste minimization in daily operations and in all methods and process changes.

We have redesigned production processes to reduce the creation of scrap, reduce excess packaging, and improve recyclability of products. We have eliminated the use of highly toxic chemicals wherever possible in manufacturing, and we are seeking less environmentally-sensitive processes for the future.

At our Milwaukee, Wisconsin plant, a system was devised whereby waste is collected from the vibratory finishing process and treated so that it can actually be used as a resource for the wastewater treatment process.

Our environmental efforts can be seen in our offices as well. Eighty-four tons of paper and cardboard are recycled annually, along with significant amounts of aluminum, plastic and glass.

Energy Efficiency Equals Ecoefficiency
We continuously pursue the most energy efficient practices and constantly look for ways to eliminate wasteful practices and decrease energy consumption.

In 1994, Snap-on joined the EPA's Green Lights voluntary pollution prevention program. As a Green Lights participant, we agreed to survey all of our facilities, upgrade the lighting of 90 percent of their square footage and complete the upgrades within five years. In 1996, just two years into the program, we reduced electricity consumption by 3,859,959 kilowatt hours.

Facility Design and Maintenance
Our environmental concern carries over in everything we do, including the design and operation of our facilities. We make every effort to use the safest and most environmentally unobtrusive designs. We choose to site our facilities in areas that will have the least impact on the surrounding community, thereby avoiding infringement upon the rights of homeowners and other residential stakeholders.

In 1995, we completed construction of our new corporate offices. In accordance with our environmental policy, we preserved the surrounding natural habitat and constructed an aesthetically compatible facility.

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