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Management Team

Nicholas T. Pinchuk
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Eugenio (Gino) Amador
Vice President and General Manager - SNA Europe (Sales)

Govind K. Arora
Vice President - Worldwide Strategic Sourcing

Jesus Arregui
Vice President and General Manager - SNA Europe (Operations)

Anup Banerjee
President - Commercial Group

Iain Boyd
Vice President - Human Resources

Bennett L. Brenton
Vice President - Innovation

Joe Burger
President - Snap-on Credit

Richard V. Caskey
President - Merchandised Products

Timothy L. Chambers
President - Snap-on Business and Equipment Solutions

David R. Ellingen
President - Diagnostics and Mitchell1

Michael G. Gentile
President - Hand Tools

Andrew R. Ginger
President - Industrial

Larry W. Hamrick
Vice President - North American Sales

Gary S. Henning
Vice President - Operations Development

Constance R. Johnsen
Vice President and Controller

Thomas L. Kassouf
Senior Vice President and 
President - Snap-on Tools Group

Leslie H. Kratcoski
Vice President - Investor Relations

Jean-Pierre Levrey
President - SNA Europe

Jeanne M. Moreno
Vice President - Chief Information Officer

James Ng
Vice President - Operations, Snap-on Asia Pacific

Benny Oh
President - Snap-on Asia Pacific

Aldo Pagliari
Senior Vice President - Finance
and Chief Financial Officer

Christopher H. Potter
President - Tool Storage

Rohit Rai
President - Snap-on Equipment

Irwin Shur
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Alicia A. Smales
Vice President - Chief Marketing Officer

Irene S. Sudac
Vice President - Financial Services

Kevin L. Thatcher
Vice President - Business Development

Maria Vieira
Director - Rapid Continuous Improvement

Thomas J. Ward
Senior Vice President and
President - Repair Systems & Information Group

Barrie Young
President - Sales and Franchising

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