Why Work Here
  • Snap-on rewards people who make a positive difference.
  • You'll have abundant opportunity to develop your skills, make a meaningful contribution, build your career.
  • We offer competitive compensation and a range of attractive benefits (including great discounts on tools).
  • The company's culture is built on relationships, collaboration and teamwork. You'll work with good people who have pride in - and passion for - what they do. The Snap-on brand is respected worldwide, thanks to the company's great employees and award-winning technology, products and services.
  • We've got breadth and depth. We're a multi-billion-dollar public company with operations in 23 countries. Our products are used - and prized - around the globe.
  • We have more than 80 years of experience, driven by innovation and creativity. We welcome people with curiosity, lots of ideas and the desire to keep improving.
  • We're fierce protectors of our good name. We'll never compromise our ethics, our integrity or our product standards.

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