Coil-on-Plug (COP) Adapter Acura / Honda / Isuzu

The COP adapter series uses new sensor technology and is designed to be easily indexed for accurate cylinder-to-cylinder comparison.  The COP adapter also provides an engine RPM signal to the kV Module.

The Snap-on COP (coil-on-plug) 4 Adapter us a non-intrusive capacitive pickup that clips onto the top of the coil assembly. The COP 4 Adapter is used to test certain Acura, Honda, and Isuzu models.

  • The COP 4 Adapter allows you to:
  • Capture Intermittent failures under load
  • View secondary ignition data with no or minimal component removal
  • Road test the vehicle while testing
  • View engine RPM

1991-2006, Model NSX, 3.0L engine
1997-2005, Model NSX, 3.2L engine
1996-99, Model SLX, 3.2 engine

1996-99, Model Passport, 3.2L engine

1998-99, Model Amigo, 3.2L engine
1997-99, Model Rodeo, 3.2L engine
1996-97, Model Trooper, 3.2L engine
1998-99, Model Trooper, 3.5L engine

Coil-on-Plug (COP) Adapter Acura / Honda / Isuzu


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