OBD-I Adapter Kit 1

Take advantage of all the great OBD-I diagnostic coverage built in to your scan tool.

Connectors include the most popular 1980-newer domestic and 1983-newer Asian vehicles.

Deep coverage, with codes, live data, functional tests and reset/relearn capabilities.

Coverage for major vehicle systems - including engine, body, transmission, airbag, suspension, ABS, instrument, climate control, security, lighting and more.

Kit includes the most popular OBD-I adapters:

•  Multi1
•  Ford1B
•  Ford4
•  GM1
•  Toyota1
•  Toyota2
•  Nissan1
•  Nissan2
•  Mazda1
•  Honda1
•  Mitsubishi1

Kit also includes:

•  Data Cable Converter (EAA0355L93A)
•  Power Outlet Plug Power Cable (EAX0066L10B)

OBD-I Adapter Kit


List Price: $350.00USD

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