ETHOS Frequently Asked Questions

How to: Connect to a PC

ETHOS can be connected to a PC as a Mass Storage Device using a USB A to Mini B cable. 

  1. Connect the ETHOS to the AC power adapter
  2. From the Main Menu scroll down to Tools and press “Y”

  3. Scroll right to the Connect-to-PC tab

  4. Press “Y” to put the ETHOS into Connect to PC mode

    NOTE: Once “Y” has been pressed to put the ETHOS into Connect to PC mode the screen on the ETHOS will NOT change. It will freeze. This is normal.
  5. Connect the USB cable to the PC and then to the ETHOS. The standard end goes to the PC, the Mini end goes to the ETHOS.
  6. The PC will recognize the ETHOS as a USB Mass Storage Device
  7. When you are ready to end Connect to PC mode, disconnect the USB cable from the ETHOS and press the “N” button. It will beep twice and then reboot to the normal ETHOS main menu.


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How to: Check for, download and install Service Releases using ShopStream Connect™ on ETHOS

IMPORTANT: An uninterrupted power source to the diagnostic tool is crucial during an update, as any loss of power may damage the tool and render it inoperative. Therefore, use of the AC/DC Power Adapter and batteries with at least 20% charge is required. The Type A to Mini B USB cable is also required for this process.

  1. Download and Install ShopStream Connect on your PC
  2. On the ETHOS unit press and hold the Y and N buttons, then press the Power button once
  3. Once you see SERVICE MENU release the Y and N buttons
  4. From the SERVICE MENU select PC-Link
  5. Connect the ETHOS to the PC, Mini B end to the ETHOS and Type A end to the PC
  6. Launch the ShopStream Connect software on the PC
    NOTE: If an update window opens automatically skip to step 10
  7. Access the Tools menu
  8. Select Update Software
  9. Select ETHOS from the list at the right

  10. When the ShopStream Connect Update Manager box appears, select Next
  11. If an update is found select Download
  12. Once the download completes select Install
  13. Once the install is complete, or no update is available, select Finish
  14. Disconnect the ETHOS from the PC
  15. Press the power button then the Y button, the ETHOS will power off
    Once powered on the ETHOS will start to install the downloaded service update on the tool and is complete when the main menu is displayed.


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How to: Identify the software bundle.

The Software Bundle is displayed in the lower right corner of the main screen.


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How to: Change the units of measurement.
  1. From the Main Menu scroll down to Tools and press “Y”

  2. Scroll right to the Units tab

  3. Scroll to highlight the desired category and press “Y” button. Make the desired changes. Press “N” to exit back to the main menu.


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How to: Setup a Custom Data List.
  1. From the live data screen, scroll right to the Check Box in the top right corner of the screen and press “Y”.

  2. Highlight each of the Data Parameters you wish to add to your Custom Data List and press “Y” to add. The Data Parameter will be moved to a box directly above the main data list.

  3. Once you exit this Data List it will be reset to normal view.


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Where can I find accessories for my ETHOS?

Find ETHOS accessories here:

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Where can I receive online training for ETHOS?

Snap-on Diagnostics Training Solutions


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