ETHOS Plus Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MicroSD card used for?

The MicroSD card is used to store the software system files and data files saved by the user. The tool will not operate with the MicroSD card removed.

The optional European Software can also be loaded via MicroSD.

Actual card is black in color.


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How to: Connect to a PC.

The Connect-to-PC selection is used with the optional ShopStream™ Connect software. ShopStream Connect is a PC software program that can be downloaded at no charge here. It is used to view and save data files on a personal computer and download software service releases on a diagnostic tool.

The USB cable supplied with your diagnostic tool is used to link the tool to the PC. A communication icon appears on the right edge of the title bar when the scan tool is properly connected to the PC.

To use the Connect-to-PC function:

  1. Select Tools and Setup from the Home screen to open the menu.
  2. Select Connect-to-PC from the menu.
  3. Connect the USB cable to the ETHOS Plus and then to the PC
  4. Press the Y button or tap on Continue

The following message will be displayed “Scanner is now in Connect-to-PC mode”.

Press the N button or tap on Exit to end Connect-to-PC Mode.


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How to: Check for, download and install Service Releases using ShopStream Connect.

IMPORTANT: An uninterrupted power source to the diagnostic tool is crucial during an update, as any loss of power may damage the tool and render it inoperative.

The Type A to Mini B USB cable that came with your handheld diagnostic tool is required for this process.

  1. Download and Install ShopStream Connect on your PC
  2. Power on the ETHOS Plus unit
  3. Connect the unit to the PC, Mini B end to the ETHOS Plus and Type A end to the PC
  4. From the main menu select Tools, then Connect to PC
  5. Select Continue
  6. Launch the ShopStream Connect software on the PC
    NOTE: If an update window opens automatically skip to step 10
  7. Access the Tools menu
  8. Select Update Software
  9. Select ETHOS Plus from the list at the right

  10. When the ShopStream Connect Update Manager box appears, select Next
  11. If an update is found select Download
  12. Once the download completes, or no update is available, select Finish to close the Update Manager box
  13. Select Exit and then disconnect it from the PC
  14. Press the Power button and then select OK to power off the unit
  15. Press the Power button once more to power it on

The ETHOS Plus scan tool will now start to install the downloaded service update on the tool. The update process begins automatically when you power on your diagnostic tool, and is complete when the home screen displays.

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How to: Identify the software bundle.

The Software Bundle is displayed in the lower right corner of the main screen.


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How to: Adjust Screen Brightness

To adjust the brightness of the screen:

  1. Select Tools and Setup from the Home screen to open the menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Brightness
  4. Use the Up and Down arrows on the keypad or tap the Plus and Minus buttons to adjust the brightness in 10% increments

When done press the N button or tap the Back Arrow to Exit.


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How to: Capture Screen Image
  1.  Press the SHORTCUT button to open the shortcut menu

  2. Select Save Screen

The following message appears briefly “Saving #######.BMP”. The screen image has been saved.

Please note: The user configurable SHORTCUT button is setup for screen capture from the factory but can be programmed to perform other functions.


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How to: Configure Units

US customary or metric units of measure may be selected for temperature, vehicle speed, air pressure, time and other variables.

To change the units:

  1. Select TOOLS from the Home screen to open the menu
  2. Select CONFIGURE UNITS from the menu
    A menu of options displays:
    – Temperature
    – Air Pressure
    – Pressure (all others)
    – Vehicle Speed
  3. Select an item from the menu to open a list of setting choices
  4. Select a setting from the listed choices
  5. Select the Back Arrow button on the toolbar to return to the options menu, or select the Home button to return to the Home screen
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