Where can I find the user manual?

The user manual can be downloaded here.

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How to: Turn on the MICROSCAN III scan tool.

The scan tool can be operated by two power sources:

  1. Vehicle Power
    • Connect the data cable to MICROSCAN III.
    • Connect the 16-pin end of the data cable to the vehicle DLC.
  2. USB Power
    • The scan tool automatically powers up when it is connected to a USB port.
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What do the main menu options mean?

  1. Global OBD-II—opens a sub-menu of operations.
  2. OBD-I Codes—access the code report on older vehicles. Optional accessories are needed to connect to these vehicles, contact your Snap-on representative for details.
  3. Enhanced Codes—opens a list of manufacturer specific codes that are not included in the standard DTC list.
  4. ABS Codes—displays codes for the antilock brake system (ABS).
  5. Global OBD Help—opens a file that explains certain tests and procedures.
  6. Select Protocol—allows you to choose which vehicle communication protocol the scan tool uses.
  7. Captured Movies—opens a list of previously recorded data files.
  8. Tools—opens a menu for configuring the scan tool display characteristics
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How to: Connect to a PC.

The Connect to PC selection is used with the optional ShopStream Connect™ software. This software
allows you to view data files on a personal computer, transfer files between the scan tool and PC and
download software updates from the PC to the scan tool. ShopStream Connect is a free software
program that can be downloaded from the Internet here.

  1. Plug the MICROSCAN III into your PC
  2. Select MSD (Mass Storage Device)

Tap anywhere on the scan tool screen to disconnect it from the PC and return to the USB Menu when done.


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How to: Calibrate the touch screen.
  1. Select TOOLS from the MAIN MENU.

  2. Select TOUCH SCREEN CALIBRATION from the TOOLS menu.

  3. Tap the center of the indicated area.

  4. Repeat Step 3 for all four touch points.

A “calibration successful” message briefly displays, then the screen returns to the Tools menu.


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