MODIS Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any recent software service releases for MODIS?

MODIS, SOLUS PRO and SOLUS owners using Bundle 10.4 may experience a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) screen display flicker when a unit is connected to a vehicle where a trouble code is present. The Bundle 10.4 SR1 for MODIS and SOLUS Series corrects the scanner module DTC screen display for affected units.

Diagnostic software service releases are available through ShopStream Connect™, a free and powerful PC-based tool that extends the capabilities of Snap-on hand held diagnostic tools and also provides the latest delivery technology for service releases.

Customers can download the ShopStream Connect software and get instructions on how to use it on the ShopStream Connect page on this site.

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Does the MODIS have a fuse? How do I remove it?
  1. Remove the battery from the MODIS
  2. The 5 amp Fuse will be visible
  3. Remove the fuse - a fuse puller or small pliers may be needed
  4. Verify the fuse’s condition and replace if needed
  5. Install the fuse and then the battery into the MODIS
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How to: Install European Software from a CompactFlash® Card.
  1. Power down the MODIS
  2. Connect MODIS to AC power adapter
  3. Insert the European Software CompactFlash Card into the top slot of the MODIS (NOT under the hand grip)
    Please Note: The CompactFlash card can only be installed one way. If the card does not slide into the slot easily remove and attempt to insert it facing the other direction. Forcing the card into the slot can cause damage to the MODIS.
  4. Power on the MODIS
  5. Select ‘Utilities’ from the MODIS main menu (Wrench Icon)
  6. Select ‘System Tools’
  7. Select ‘Add Program’
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions
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How to: Change the units of measurement.
  1. Use MODIS’ thumb pad to navigate the blue selection box at the top of the display to the ‘Toolbox’ button in the top right. Press ‘Y’ to open the Toolbox menu.

  2. Highlight Custom Setup and press ‘Y.’

  3. The Scanner Units menu will appear. Select the category to change (Temperature, Speed, Pressure) and press “Y”. Once completed press ‘N’ to close the Scanner Units menu. Navigate the blue selection box at the top of the display back to Scanner in the top center of the screen to continue using MODIS.


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How to: Access the Custom Data List.
  1. Use MODIS’ thumb pad to navigate the blue selection box at the top of the display to the Toolbox button in the top right. Press ‘Y’ to open the Toolbox menu.

  2. Highlight Custom Data List and press ‘Y.’

  3. The Custom Data List menu will appear. Once the desired changes have been made select Display Data.


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"An error has occurred [101, 404, 51, etc.]"
  1. Power down the MODIS
  2. Unplug the AC charging cable
  3. Remove the Battery
  4. Remove the Scanner Module by pressing the release tab on the back of the MODIS and then pulling up on the data cable

  5. Leave the Scanner Module out of the MODIS for 2 minutes.
  6. Re-insert the Scanner Module in the MODIS. It will lock into place with a click.
  7. Re-insert the battery and power up the unit.
  8. Verify the issue has been resolved.


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How to: Connect to a PC.

Connecting MODIS to a PC requires it be equipped with the 2006-newer circuit board. To remove the left rubber hand grip and locate the Mini USB port (Figure B, #2)

Figure A - Pre-2006 MODIS                                                      Figure B - 2006-newer MODIS

Pre-2006 MODIS: A CompactFlash card reader can be used to view the CompactFlash card on a PC.

2006-newer MODIS: Follow the steps below.

  1. From the main menu scroll to UTILITIES (wrench icon)
  2. Select CONNECT TO PC and press the Y button
  3. A message will be displayed that states "You are about to configure the system for CONNECT TO PC mode."
  4. Press the Y button. The message box will disappear
  5. Press the Power button and then the Y button to power off the MODIS
  6. Once the MODIS has shut down, wait 3 seconds then press the Power button
  7. The unit will boot up in CONNECT TO PC mode
  8. Install the USB Cable - Connect the Mini USB end to the port located under the left handgrip of the MODIS and the standard USB end to your PC
  9. Your MODIS is now connected to your PC
  10. When done, press the Power button on the MODIS to return it to normal operation. It will remain off until the power button is pressed again


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How to: Check for, download and install Service Releases using ShopStream Connect.

Pre-2006 MODIS units do not have a mini USB port and therefore cannot be directly updated using ShopStream Connect. On 2006 and newer MODIS units the USB port is located under the left handgrip on the circuit board near the side CF card slot (Figure B, #2). If there is no USB port, the program CF card (in the side slot) can be updated through ShopStream Connect using a CF card reader/writer.


       Figure A - Pre-2006 MODIS                                                      Figure B - 2006-newer MODIS

IMPORTANT: An uninterrupted power source to the diagnostic tool is crucial during an update, as any loss of power may damage the tool and render it inoperative. Therefore, use of the AC/DC Power Adapter is required. Connect the MODIS to the PC with the USB cable AND a reliable power source with the AC/DC Power Supply. A Type A to Mini B USB cable OR a ComplactFlash Card reader/writer is required for this process.

  1. Download and Install ShopStream Connect on your PC
  2. Power on the MODIS unit
  3. From the MODIS main menu select Utilities (wrench icon), then Connect to PC
  4. Press the Y button
  5. Press the Power button and then the Y button to power off the MODIS
  6. Press the Power button to power on the MODIS, “The system is now in CONNECT TO PC mode.” Will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Connect the MODIS to the PC, Mini B end to the MODIS and Type A end to the PC
  8. Launch the ShopStream Connect software on the PC
    NOTE: If an update window opens automatically skip to step 12
  9. Access the Tools menu
  10. Select Update Software
  11. Select MODIS from the list at the right

  12. When the ShopStream Connect Update Manager box appears, select Next
  13. If an update is found select Download
  14. Once the download completes select Install
  15. Once the install is complete, or no update is available, select Finish
  16. Disconnect the MODIS from the PC
  17. Press the Power button to power off the MODIS
  18. Press the Power button once more to power on the MODIS

The MODIS will now start to install the downloaded service update on the tool. The update is automatically installed when you power on your diagnostic tool, and is complete when the main menu displays.

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How to: Identify Software Bundle

Newer software versions are displayed in the lower right corner of the main screen. The example below is Bundle 12.2.

Older software versions may not have the bundle displayed on the main screen. On these units, navigate to UTILITIES then SYSTEM INFO. The Software Bundle will be displayed.

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Does the MODIS have a reset button?

Only MODIS units equipped with the 2006-newer circuit board have a reset button.

Pre-2006 MODIS                                                                        2006-newer MODIS
                                                                                                       1 - Reset Button

2006-newer MODIS:

  1. Remove the left rubber hand grip
  2. The reset button is located on the oppostie side of the main board from the CompactFlash card (Figure B, #1)
  3. The button can be pressed for a few moments to reset the unit


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How to: Save screen shots to a USB stick or CF Card.
  1. Ensure the “S” button is set to Save Image by navigating to TOOLS > TOOL SETUP > S BUTTON
  2. If not already set to Save Image change the Function to Save Image
  3. Press the “N” button to exit this menu
  4. Insert a USB thumb drive into the tools USB slot
  5. Navigate to TOOLS > TOOL SETUP > SAVE DATA
  6. If not already set to USB Disk change the My Data box to USB Disk Save Image
  7. Press the “N” button to exit this menu
  8. Use the tool as normal. When you are viewing a screen you wish to save press the “S” button. The screen image will be saved in a folder on the USB drive named USER
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What printers are approved to use with MODIS?

You can view/download the list here.

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Where can I find accessories for my MODIS?

Find MODIS accessories here:

Product Index

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Where can I receive online training for MODIS?

Snap-on Diagnostics Training Solutions

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