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 Connecting to OBD-I vehicles.

Some OBD-I vehicle communication adapters require 12 volts or ground be provided from the vehicle in order to establish proper communication between the vehicle and the scan tool. This is achieved by plugging the Lighter Power Cable and/or the Battery Power Cable into the silver power port on the side of the OBD-I adapter



Adapters that require
external 12 volts
Some OBD-I adapters require ground as well.
Adapters that require external Ground
Chrysler-1 Multi-1 (Connect black lead to vehicle ground)
GM-1 Multi-2 (Connect black lead to vehicle ground)
Ford-1B MB-2A (Connect alligator clip to vehicle ground)


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 Where are the OBD-I adapters? What are their part numbers?

The majority of Snap-on’s new platform customers are working exclusively on 1996 and newer vehicles. To avoid having new platform customers purchase hardware they do not need, all new platforms include only the adapters needed for OBD-II vehicles. OBD-I adapters are offered as an optional accessory. The VERUS, MODIS, and SOLUS PRO are configured this way.

The MODIS compatible OBD-I adapters can be purchased as a set or individually from your local Snap-on Franchisee or online at

Adapter Kit #2 (OBD-I Only) - EAK0288B04B

Included parts and Individual Part Numbers:

MULTI-2 - EAA0355L42A
JEEP-1 - EAA0355L49A
HYUN-2 - EAA0355L51A
CHRY-2 - EAA0355L31A
CHRY-1 - EAA0355L30A
Jumper Lead Set - EAX0066L43A
Ground Extension - EAX0066L41A

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 Cannot load saved settings.
  1. Power down the MODIS
  2. Unplug the AC charging cable
  3. Remove the Battery
  4. Remove the Scope Module by grabbing the scope hardware that protrudes from the top of the MODIS and squeezing the release tab in the back with your fingers while pulling up.

  5. Leave the Scope Module out of the MODIS for 2 minutes.

  6. Reinsert the Scope Module in the MODIS. It will lock into place with a click.
  7. Reinsert the battery and power up the unit.
  8. Verify the issue has been resolved.


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 No Communication Message.

“No Communication” may be the result of using an incorrect or failed Personality Key. If the correct Personality Key is being used and the issue persists, attempt communication using a new Personality Key appropriate for use with the make of the vehicle. For example, on Ford use the K17 key in place of the K20. If communication can be established with the new key the original key has most likely failed and should be replaced.

Please contact your local Snap-on Franchisee or visit to order a replacement key.

Damaged data cables or OBD-II adapters can also cause "No Communication" messages.

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 How to: Verify the MODIS has the most current Scanner Plug-in Module installed.

If the MODIS is equipped with Bundle 4.1 or older the updated Scanner Plug-in Module must be purchased prior to upgrading to the current software bundle. To identify your Scanner Module, follow these steps.

  1. Power off the MODIS.
  2. Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter.
  3. Press the Scanner Module release tab on the back of the MODIS while pulling up on the data cable (above the arrow in the image below.) The Scanner Module will come completely out of the MODIS body.

  4. Use the pictures and descriptions below to identify your Scanner Module.
    4.1 and older Scanner Plug-in Module                                  4.2 and newer Scanner Plug-in Module
    (Discontinued)                                                                            (Part Number EAA0319B02A)
    Metal body                                                                                   Plastic body
    2 silver screws on each narrow sides (4 total)                    4 black screw all on the same wide side
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 Which Personality Keys are required for the current Software Bundle?
Domestic and Asian ImportEuropean Import
KeyPart NumberKeyPart Number
K-7AEAP0268L65AS-7 MT2500S7

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 How to: Access Fast-Track® Troubleshooter Reference Documents in SureTrack.

The Fast-Track Reference material is available online at the SureTrack website. It is available to our customers 24 hours a day at no charge. A SureTrack membership or subscription is NOT required.

If you are a registered member of SureTrack currently you must logout of SureTrack to search and view Fast-Track reference material. Follow these instructions to view the Fast-Track reference material:

  1. Open the internet browser and navigate to the SureTrack website at
  2. In the Fast-Track Reference Search field enter the reference number provided by the Troubleshooter in the Snap-on scan tool and then hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon

  3. The correct document will open up in your browser or in a PDF reader/viewer
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