MICROSCAN Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Standard and the PRO?

The MICROSCAN Standard has all ten modes of OBD-II. The MICROSCAN PRO has all ten modes of OBD-II plus enhanced engine codes, ABS codes for many GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles and has OBD-I software for GM, Ford and Chrysler.

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Is ABS supported? On what vehicles?

Click Here for complete list.

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Can the MICROSCAN Standard be upgraded to a MICROSCAN PRO?

Yes, your authorized Snap-on Franchisee offers a software upgrade to convert a MICROSCAN Standard to a MICROSCAN PRO.

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Why am I getting a "No Communication" error?

Here are a few possible causes:

  1. Power or ground issue:
    There may be insufficient B+ voltage and/or ground at the vehicles OBD data link connector.

  2. The vehicle is not OBD-II compliant:
    Most 1996 and newer light duty vehicles are OBD-II compliant, however, the mere presence of the 16 pin OBD data link connector does not guarantee this. Some pre-1996 vehicles, medium duty vehicles, boats and even motorcycles have the 16 pin OBD data link connector but are not OBD-II compliant.
  3. Previous protocol stored:
    The MICROSCAN remembers the last communication protocol used and will try using that protocol on the next vehicle if it has not powered down. Turn off MICROSCAN between use to allow MICROSCAN to select the new correct protocol for the current vehicle.
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Why is there a switch on the Blue-Point MICROSCAN GM Adpater?

Some GM applications wll need the switch set to D or E. If one or the other is needed it will be indicated on the screen of the Blue-Point MICROSCAN. If no switch position is indicated, it is not relevant to that application and can be left in either position.

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How to: Connect to a PC.
  1. Ensure MICROSCAN is turned off
  2. If currently connected, remove the Data Cable from MICROSCAN
  3. Connect USB cable to MICROSCAN and the PC
  4. From MICROSCAN's menu, select CONNECT TO PC (MSD MODE) and press the Y button
    The MSD Floppy Disc logo will be displayed indicating the unit is in CONNECT TO PC mode
  5. To leave CONNECT TO PC mode, press the Y or N button
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How to: Check for, download and install Service Releases using ShopStream Connect

IMPORTANT: An uninterrupted power source to the diagnostic tool is crucial during an update, as any loss of power may damage the tool and render it inoperative. It is highly suggested that a new battery be used. The Type A to Type B USB cable that came with your Blue-Point MICROSCAN is required for this process.

  1. Download and Install ShopStream Connect on your PC
  2. With the Blue-Point MICROSCAN pwered off connect it to the PC, Mini B end to the MICROSCAN and Type A end to the PC. It will boot to a service menu 
  3. From the menu select Connect to PC (MSD Mode)
  4. Launch the ShopStream Connect software on the PC
    NOTE: If an update window opens automatically skip to step 8
  5. Access the Tools menu
  6. Select Update Software
  7. Select MICROSCAN from the list at the right

  8. When the ShopStream Connect Update Manager box appears, select Next
  9. If an update is found select Download
  10. Once the download completes, or none is available, select Finish to close the Update Manager box
  11. Press Y on the MICROSCAN to exit Connect to PC mode and then disconnect it from the PC
  12. Press the Power button to power on the MICROSCAN

The MICROSCAN will now start to install the downloaded service update on the tool. The update process begins automatically when you power on your diagnostic tool, and is complete when the home screen displays.

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Where can I find accessories for my MICROSCAN?

Find MICROSCAN accessories here:

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