VERDICT D7 Display Tablet Frequently Asked Questions

How to: Update the VERDICT D7 to improve hot weather performance.
  1. Download the update by clicking HERE. Select SAVE, Not Run. It can be saved to the Windows Desktop on VERDICT or to a USB memory stick  and then moved to the VERDICT.
  2. Connect an AC power adapter to the VERDICT display tablet and boot up.
  3. Close the diagnostic suite and all other programs.
  4. Double-tap the VERDICT D7 BIOS REV 1.13.EXE file.
  5. An Installshield Wizard will open. Carefully follow the on-screen prompts to perform the installation.
  6. When the Wizard is completed, tap “Finish” to close the utility.
  7. Tap “OK” on the “Restart” dialogue pop up window to reboot the VERDICT and complete the installation process. You must reboot VERDICT to complete the installation.


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How to: Change the D7 units of measurement from Metric to Standard.
  1. From any place within the Scanner Application touch the MENU button

  2. Select TOOLS and then UNITS SETUP

  3. Make desired adjustments

  4. Touch ACCEPT to make the changes


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How to: recondidtion the "Smart" Lithium Ion Battery.

The following process can be used to “recondition” any intelligent Lithium-Ion battery-pack including those used in the VERUS, VERDICT, VERUS Wireless and VERUS PRO. Depending how many “valid” recharge cycles the battery has gone through, it should be somewhere between 80% and 100% of its original capacity once reconditioned.

Step One: Verify that the battery is completely charged

  • Plug the AC charging cable into the unit, thereby beginning the charging cycle to the battery.
  • Leave the system charging overnight, or for at least 8 hours.

Step Two: Verify that the battery is completely discharged

  • If not already, install the battery in the platform and power it on.
  • Disconnect all other power sources including the AC charging cable.
  • Leave the product powered on overnight, or until the software powers off the unit.
  • DO NOT turn the platform off, even if the system warns that the battery-charge is “low”.

Step Three: Recharge/Recondition the battery pack

  • Once the software powers off the unit, which indicates the battery has been completely discharged, plug the AC charging cable into it, thereby beginning the battery charging cycle.
  • Leave the system charging overnight, or for at least 8 hours.

Once the battery has been fully charged it has been reconditioned.

Replacement Battery Part Numbers:

  • VERUS – EAA0354L12A
  • VERUS Wireless – EAA0354L12A
  • VERDICT D7 3-CELL – EAA0365L03A
  • VERDICT D7 6-CELL – EAA0365L06A
  • VERUS PRO D10 3-CELL – EAA0365L03A
  • VERUS PRO D10 6-CELL – EAA0365L06A
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Where are the OBD-I adapters? Part numbers?

The VERDICT compatible OBD-I adapters can be purchased as a set (Kit 1 - P/N EAK0301B08A and Kit 2 – EAK0288B04B) or individually. These adapters require the optional VERDICT OBD-I Data Cable (P/N EAX0068L01A).

Please note: Both the older style black OBD-I adapters and the new red OBD-I adapters are compatible with VERDICT.


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Connecting to OBD-I vehicles.

OBD-I vehicle communication adapters that have a silver power port on the side of the OBD-I adapter require 12 volts or ground be provided from the vehicle in order to establish proper communication between the vehicle and the scan tool. This is achieved by plugging the Lighter Power Cable and/or the Battery Power Cable into the silver power port on the side of the OBD-I adapter.



Adapters that require
external 12 volts
Some OBD-I adapters require ground as well.
Adapters that require external Ground
Chrysler-1 Multi-1 (Connect black lead to vehicle ground)
GM-1 Multi-2 (Connect black lead to vehicle ground)
Ford-1B MB-2A (Connect alligator clip to vehicle ground)


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Are Personality Keys ever needed with the VERDICT?

Yes, the following applications require a Data Cable (Part# EAX0068L01A), OBD-II Key Adapter (Part# EAA0355L46C) and the K-7A Personality Key (Part# EAP0268L65A).

Chrysler Imports Stealth 1994-1996
Chrysler Imports Talon 1995-1998
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1994-1999
Mitsubishi Diamonte 1994-1996
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1996
Mitsubishi Expo 1994-1996
Mitsubishi Galant 1994-1998
Mitsubishi Mirage 1994-1995
Mitsubishi Montero 1994
Chrysler Sebring 1995-2000
Dodge Avenger 1995-2000
Eagle Talon 1995-1999


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How to: Restore D7 Display System Software to original factory data.

Warning: This procedure will restore the unit to its factory settings. All saved user files and documents will be deleted. All 3rd party software will be uninstalled and/or deleted. Do not perform this process unless you have been instructed to do so by a Snap-on Representative.

The Snap-on System Restore utility is a hard disk drive recovery program that allows you recover the application files on the hard disk. Running the utility replaces all of the C: drive data with the original factory data. Be aware, all new or modified files on the C: drive will be lost. The directional arrow buttons on the D7 Display Device are used to navigate when performing a system restore. Use the Enter button to make selections.

To restore the operating system

  1. Power on the D7 Display Device.
  2. Wait for the “Press Up Arrow to run Snap-on System Restore” message to display, then Press the Up Arrow button.
    A progress indicator displays while the program loads.
  3. Select OK from the confirmation message.
    A progress indicator displays while the files are being restored.
  4. Select OK from the confirmation message.
    The D7 Display Device shuts down, then reboots and the system recovery portion of the operation begins. Follow any on-screen prompts.

The D7 Display Device shuts down and reboots a second time. When the VERDICT Home screen displays, the procedure is complete and the D7 Display Device is ready for use.


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