VERDICT M2 Scope/Meter Frequently Asked Questions

How to: Reset the M2 in case of a lockup.

If the VERDICT M2 unit locks up or become unresponsive, you can reset the system by simultaneously pushing the S Button, the Graph Button and the F3 button. This will interrupt the power to the unit and turn it off.


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How to: Adjust M2 Meter display settings: Enable/disable audio alert; Adjust display brightness; Invert display colors.

Press and hold the F1 button until the options appear.

Press the F1 button to disable or enable the audio alert.

Press the F2 button to step through the five level of screen brightness.

Press the F3 button to invert the display colors.


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How to: Select Channel 1, Channel 2, or both on the M2 Meter.

Each of two channels is individually selectable. By using the F1 and Special Functions buttons on the front panel, rotate through a matrix of scope options, including selecting either channel one, channel two or both channels. The F1 button goes “up” in the matrix and the Special Function button goes “down” the matrix.


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Using DMM functions on the M2 Meter.

The VERDICT M2 has two scope channels but only channel one has the additional DMM functions.


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Pairing the M2 Scope/Meter

These instructions support all scenarios where pairing is needed including when the VERDICT M2 has not been previously paired with a host, or if it becomes necessary to pair with a new host.

  1. Power on the D7 Display Device.
  2. Set the VERDICT M2 Rotary Switch to the oscilloscope postition.

  3. Press and hold the F1 key of the VERDICT M2 to open the alternate menu. An alternate menu option for F2-F4 key will be displayed.
  4. Press the F4 key to activate Bluetooth Discovery. The F4 icon on the screen will be inversed (white on black) when the Bluetooth Discovery mode becomes active.

  5. With the Bluetooth Discovery active, turn the M2 Rotary Switch to the Remote Functions position (Bluetooth Icon). The VERDICT M2 is now ready to be paired with a D7 Display Device.
  6. On the D7 Display Device Home Screen tap the System Settings button.

  7. Select Paired Devices from the top center of the screen.

  8. From the Paired Devices screen select Add from the top right corner of the screen.

  9. When prompted select OK from the top right corner of the screen.

  10. Select the M2 Module from the search results list. A search in progress message displays during the pairing procedure and then once complete, the Paired Devices screen is displayed.

  11. Tap the Home button on the bottom left of the VERDICT toolbar to return to the Home screen.

  12. Now that the VERCIT M2 has been successfully paired, turn the M2 Rotary Switch to the oscilloscope position.

  13. Press and hold the F1 key to open the alternate menu.
  14. Press the F4 key to switch off Bluetooth Discovery mode. The F4 field on the screen switches to normal video (black on white) when the Bluetooth Discovery mode is inactive. This makes the VERDICT M2 “invisible” to other Bluetooth devices.

The M2 pairing process is now complete. The Rotary Switch can be turned to OFF.


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