VERUS Frequently Asked Questions

How to: Check for Software Service Releases

Check for any available Service Releases using the automatic update tool.

  1. From the main menu click on the DESKTOP button. 
     This will display the Windows Start/Task Bar
    (This step does not apply to 10.2 and older VERUS units).
  2. Tap on the ShopStream Update Tool icon. It is white in color with a thin black frame.

  3. Select CHECK FOR UPDATES. A “checking for updates” window will be displayed.

  4. If there is an update available, you will be presented with a download screen. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  5. If no update is found you will be presented with a message bubble stating “No update available".
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How to: Switch between ShopKey Pro, ProDemand, OnDemand5 and ShopKey.
  1. From the main menu select INFORMATION

  2. Select the MENU button

  3. Select WEBSITE

  4. Select the desired service webpage



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How to: Complete a Disk Defragmentation

Check to see if you need to defragment your computer’s hard drive. This is not a quick process so make sure you will not need to use the Diagnostic Suite while the defragmentation is being completed.

  1. From the main menu click on the DESKTOP button. 
     This will display the Windows Start/Task Bar.
    (This step does not apply to 10.2 and older VERUS units).
  3. Select Volume (C:) and the tap on the ANALYZE button.

  4. Windows will tell you if it needs to be defragmented or not. If it does, click on the DEFRAGMENT button.

  5. Once the defragmentation is complete Windows will inform you. Tap on the CLOSE button.

  6. Select FILE > EXIT


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Internet Explorer boots up to a Microsoft settings page and will not allow me to leave.
  1. Open Internet Explorer. It will load the Microsoft "Runonce" settings page
  2. Under a) Required settings select "Keep my current default search provider" (Arrow 1)
  3. Click on the large green "Save your Settings" button (Arrow 2)
  4. Once the "Settings saved successfully" ...
  5. Your normal Home Page will now be displayed when Internet Explorer starts


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Power Management Settings

These steps will help you ensure the proper power management settings are selected in your tool.

  1. From the main menu click on the DESKTOP button. 
     This will display the Windows Start/Task Bar.
    (This step does not apply to 10.2 and older VERUS).
  3. Double tap on POWER OPTIONS
  4. On the Power Schemes tab, Power Schemes dropdown menu select Home/Office Desk
  5. On the Power Schemes tab, Settings for Portable/Laptop power scheme verify ALL settings are all set to Never

  6. Select the Hibernate tab and ensure the Enable Hibernation box is NOT checked.

  7. Click OK to close the Power Options Properties window.
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Unit will not boot up.

1. Remove the right rubber handgrip

2. Remove the battery from the right side of the VERUS

NOTE: The battery is designed to sit securely in place. Firmly pull the battery out.

3. Unplug the AC charging cable from the VERUS

4. Allow the tool to sit with no power from the battery or AC adapter for 15-20 minutes

5. Reinstall the battery and plug in the AC charging cable

6. Press the VERUS power button

The tool should now boot up normally.


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Unit boots to a black screen with two unresponsive options.
  1. Locate a USB Keyboard
  2. Plug the USB Keyboard into the VERUS’ USB port
  3. Using the arrow keys on the USB Keyboard highlight the “Continue with system restart” option and then press the keyboards Enter key
  4. The VERUS will boot up as normal



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How to: Correct printer installation errors.

When installing printer drivers, a “cannot locate” window may open requesting the location of a particular DLL or other support file. These files are typically already on the hard drive. Unlike standard Windows XP the XPe operating system in the VERUS cannot always locate the needed files on its own. If this window is displayed when you are installing your printer follow these steps to complete the installation.

  1. Note the filename and extension being requested by the window

  2. Click START from the Windows Desktop, select MY COMPUTER

  3. Click on Local Disk C: once only so that the drive is highlighted but not opened
  4. Select Tools and then Folder Options

  5. Click on the VIEW tab, ensure "Show hidden files and folders" is selected - it should have a green dot to its left. Click on APPLY and then OK.

  6. Click on Local Disk C: once only again so that the drive is highlighted but not opened
  7. Select File and then Search

  8. Enter the file name being requested by the "Cannot locate" window in the "All or part of the file name" search field
    NOTE: Do not enter the exension (.dll, .sys, etc.)

  9. When this file is located, note the path
    EXAMPLE: C:\Windows\System32\Example.sys
  10. In the "Cannot locate" window select Browse
  11. Browse to the path previously noted
  12. Select the missing file
  13. The installation will now continue

Occasionally, additional files are requested and chances are that those files are on the same found path. If they are not they can be located using the search function as well.


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How to: Re-image the VERUS.

WARNING: This procedure will restore the unit to its factory settings. All saved user files and documents will be deleted. All 3rd party software will be uninstalled and/or deleted.

Do not perform this process unless you have been instructed to do so by a Snap-on Representative.

This process requires access to a USB Keyboard and an Internet connection to the VERUS.

The VERUS will not resume normal operation until it has been successfully connected to the internet and Snap-on Diagnostics Technical Support has been allowed to remotely access the unit.

  1. Power off the VERUS.
  2. Plug in a USB keyboard.
  3. Press and hold the LEFT “Alt” button down and then press the VERUS’ power button once. Continue to hold the Left “Alt” button down until the “Loading RAMDISK Image” screen is displayed.
  4. Press “OK” on the System Recovery popup box. This will begin the image process. This Process will take approximately 10-15 min. Press “OK” to reboot.
  5. After the VERUS boots press “OK” on the CommPort error pop up box.
  6. On the VERUS Server popup select “Disable launch at startup” check box. Click on the “Exit” button.
  7. Establish a connection between the VERUS and the internet.
  8. Open Internet Explorer and Navigate to
  9. In the “Your Name:” box enter the VERUS serial number. It is located on a white barcode sticker adhered to the back of the unit.

  10. Contact Snap-on Diagnostics Technical Support at 800-424-7226. Inform the support agent that you just completed a VERUS Re-Image and are at
  11. The support agent will provide you with a Code for the Code box and further instructions.


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How to: Recondition the "Smart" Lithium Ion Battery.

The following process can be used to “recondition” any intelligent Lithium-Ion battery-pack including those used in the VERUS, VERDICT, VERUS Wireless and VERUS PRO. Depending how many “valid” recharge cycles the battery has gone through, it should be somewhere between 80% and 100% of its original capacity once reconditioned.

Step One: Verify that the battery is completely charged

  • Plug the AC charging cable into the unit, thereby beginning the charging cycle to the battery.
  • Leave the system charging overnight, or for at least 8 hours.

Step Two: Verify that the battery is completely discharged

  • If not already, install the battery in the platform and power it on.
  • Disconnect all other power sources including the AC charging cable.
  • Leave the product powered on overnight, or until the software powers off the unit.
  • DO NOT turn the platform off, even if the system warns that the battery-charge is “low”.

Step Three: Recharge/Recondition the battery pack

  • Once the software powers off the unit, which indicates the battery has been completely discharged, plug the AC charging cable into it, thereby beginning the battery charging cycle.
  • Leave the system charging overnight, or for at least 8 hours.

Once the battery has been fully charged it has been reconditioned.

Replacement Battery Part Numbers:

  • VERUS – EAA0354L12A
  • VERUS Wireless – EAA0354L12A
  • VERDICT D7 3-CELL – EAA0365L03A
  • VERDICT D7 6-CELL – EAA0365L06A
  • VERUS PRO D10 3-CELL – EAA0365L03A
  • VERUS PRO D10 6-CELL – EAA0365L06A
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How to: Install and setup the FGA software in a VERUS or PC without a Serial Port.

Part 1: Install the FGA software

Be sure to have the following items before you begin:
- Snap-on Flexible Gas Analyzer (FGA)
- Snap-on Flexible Gas Analyzer Serial Cable (RS232 Cable)
- Snap-on Flexible Gas Analyzer PC Software* - EEEA305ASW
- Snap-on USB to Serial Adapter Cable or Equivalent** - EAX0066L22A

* An External CD-Rom drive or other method of transferring the software to the VERUS is required
**If a non Snap-on USB to Serial Adapter Cable is used its manufactures driver software will need to be installed into the VERUS or PC prior to step 1.

To install FGA, specify where you want the FGA files to be stored on your hard drive. A default location is provided.

  1. Start Windows and ensure that no other programs are loaded into memory before beginning your FGA install. Close all applications, other than Windows, that are running before proceeding.
  2. On a PC insert the FGA CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. On a VERUS an external USB CD-ROM drive can be used. The contents of the FGA CD-ROM can also be copied to a USB drive. The USB drive can then be plugged directly into the VERUS.
  3. If the installation does not start automatically, or a USB drive is being used, select ‘Run’ from the Windows 95/98/2000/XP Start menu. Type D:\Setup.exe (or appropriate CD-ROM/USB drive letter) in the Open field and press OK. You may also use the Browse button to select the setup file from the CD-ROM/USB drive.

  4. The setup program will begin running and display several introductory screens. The software license agreement screen will appear and the license must be agreed to before the setup will continue.
  5. Three installation options will be presented. Read their descriptions and make the best selection for your needs.

  6. If you encounter any errors during the install, choose Ignore and continue with the install. Write down all errors that occur, as they will be needed to troubleshoot any software problems that may occur. At the end of the installation process you will be prompted to restart Windows to complete the installation. Select yes to restart Windows.

Once the installation has completed run FGA by selecting it from the Windows 95/98/2000/XP Programs menu. It will be located in the FAST-TRACK program group.

Part 2: Setup the Software

  1. Install the Snap-on FGA PC Software into the VERUS. (Click here for installation instructions)
  2. Plug the USB To Serial Adapter Cable into the VERUS USB Port.
  3. From the VERUS Desktop Select Start and Control Panel.
  4. Double click on System. This will open the System Properties window.
  5. Click on the Hardware tab and then click the Device Manager Button.

  6. Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) group by clicking the “+” located to its left.

  7. Record the “COM #” located to the right of the USB to Serial Cable on the list. This number will be needed later in this process.
  8. Close the System and Control Panel windows.
  9. Connect the FGA’s serial cable and the USB to Serial Adapter Cable together.
  10. Select Start, All Programs, Fast Track, and then FGA. This will start the Snap-on Flexible Gas Analyzer Software Suite.

  11. A Product Activation Screen will be displayed. Contact Snap-on Diagnostics Technical Support Hotline at 800-424-7226 for a Password. Please have the following information available when calling:
    • FGA Unit Serial Number (On Tool)
    • FGA Software Serial Number (On CD or CD Sleeve)
    • Activation Number (Displayed in the Product Activation window)

    Note: Because the VERUS is not equipped with a true COM Port a Runtime Error and/or a Communications Error may be displayed. Click OK to bypass both errors.
  12. A Snap-on Diagnostics Technical Support Agent will provide a case sensitive Password. Enter this into the Password field in the Product Activation Window using only capitalized letters. Click OK.
  13. On the FGA main screen click on the Utilities icon.
  14. Select Setup.

  15. Select the Hardware Configuration tab. Change the Gas Com Port field value to the number noted in Step 9. Click OK.

  16. The FGA will start a warm-up process indicating that communication between the VERUS and the FGA has been established.

You are now ready to begin using your FGA with VERUS.


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How to: Calibrate the touch screen.
  1. From the main menu clik on the DESKTOP button. 
     This will display the Windows Start/Task Bar.
    (This step does not apply to 10.2 and older VERUS units.)

  3. The Hampshire TSHARC Control Panel will open up. Screen calibration will automatically starts after 10 seconds.
    (If it does not automatically start you can click on the Calibration tab and then on the large square button with the flashing red arrows.)
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions touching and releasing the stylus on the screen. Once the calibration has completed you can click on Accept in the lower left corner of the screen.

  5. Click on the “Apply” and then on the “OK” buttons on the Hampshire TSHARC Control Panel. The process is now complete.
  6. Click on OK to close the TSHARC Control Panel.
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How to: Change units of measurement.
  1. Select a vehicle
  2. Enter the Scanner
  3. Select Tools and then select Units Setup. The Measurement Units Setup windows will open.

  4. Make desired changes and click accept.
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How to: Close a software application using Task Manager.

If in the Diagnostic Suite:

Tap the Desktop button located in the lower left corner of the screen. This will display the Windows Start/Task Bar at the bottom of the screen directly below the Diagnostic Suite.

If not in the Diagnostic Suite:

  1. Press and hold the stylus on the blank grey area of the Start/Task Bar for a few seconds to open the Right-Click menu.
    This can also be accessed using a USB mouse right click.

  2. On the Right-Click menu select Task Manager.
  3. In the Task Manager window select the software applicatoin you wish to close. Tap on the End Task Button at the bottom of the window.

  4. If a second End Program window appears, click the End Now button. This box will close and the Task Manager window will be displayed again.

  5. Close the Task Manager window by pressing the red "X" in the upper right corner.
  6. Re-launch the previously unresponsive application if desired.


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How to: Set up a second monitor.
  1. Power on the VERUS
  2. Connect the 2nd monitor
  3. Tap on Start
  4. Open Control Panel
  5. Open Display
  6. Click on the Settings tab
  7. Click on Advanced button
  8. Click on the Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 for Mobile tab
  9. Click on the Graphics Properties button
  10. Under Multiple Display click on the bubble next to Twin

  11. Click on the blue Apply in the bottom right corner
  12. Click on OK in the Confirm the Desktop Change pop-up window

  13. Click on the blue OK
  14. The second monitor should now be working


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How to: Set a Restore Point
  1. From the main menu click on the DESKTOP button. 
     This will display the Windows Start/Task Bar.
    (This step does not apply to 10.2 and older VERUS units).
  3. Click the CREATE A RESTORE POINT bubble and then click on the NEXT button

  4. Enter a restore point description. The current date and time will automatically be added to the description and then click the CREATE button.

  5. Once the restore point has been created its description will be displayed in red. Click the CLOSE button.
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How to: Tell what bundle is currently installed in your VERUS.
  1. Select the MENU button
  2. Select HELP and then VERSION INFO
  3. The currently installed Software Bundle will be displayed.


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Where can I find accessories for my VERUS?

Find VERUS accessories here:


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Where can I receive online training for VERUS?

Snap-on Diagnostics Training Solutions


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