ETHOS Plus Training


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  ETHOS Plus Level One

Module One

Tools and Settings - 18 minutes
Course Objectives
  • Basic ETHOS Plus features and functionality
  • Working with controls and navigation
  • Working with menus
  • Configuring the tool
Scan Tool Introduction
  • High-level overview of the scan tool
  • The role of the scan tool in automotive diagnostics
ETHOS Plus Platform
  • Hardware and controls
  • Buttonology and Navigation
  • Tools and Setup
  • Connector location
  • Battery and memory card location

Module Two

Trouble Codes - 8 minutes
Course Objectives
  • Understanding the codes menu
  • Retrieving and clearing codes
Codes Menu
  • Codes displayed
  • Clear codes
  • Freeze frame
  • DTC status

Module Three

Live Data - 15 minutes
Course Objectives
  • Become familiar with Vehicle Communication Software (VCS)
VCS Functions 
  • Vehicle ID and connection
  • Navigating VCS menus
  • Toolbar Options: Save Data, Lock PIDS, Change View, Graphing, Custom Data List, Zoom, PID Trigger
Codes Menu
  • Retrieving and clearing codes
Global OBD-II
  • The nine modes of Global OBD-II
  • The difference between VIN- specific and Global OBD

Module Four

Previous Vehicles and Data - 5 minutes
Course Objectives
  • Using the Previous Vehicles and Data Function
Previous Vehicles and Data Icon 
  • Vehicle History
  • View Saved Data
  • Delete Saved Data

Module Five

OBD-II / EOBD - 15 minutes
Course Objectives
  • Using Global OBD-II generic functions
Global OBD-II 
  • The ten service modes of Global OBD-II
  • The difference between VIN-specific and Global OBD
  • How to access the service modes
  • When to use a specific mode

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