MODIS Training


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Course Objectives
  • Understand MODIS features & benefits, Component Test Meter and scan tool navigation
  • Understanding the role of a component test meter and scan tool in automotive diagnostics
The MODIS Overview
  • Become familiar with MODIS platform, peripherals, plug-ins, controls
MODIS Navigation and Setup
  • General navigation, functions, main menu (Toolbox)
Info Drawer
  • Vehicle identification, system selection, component information
  • CTM (Component Test Meter) navigation
Scanner Drawer
  • Vehicle identification, system selection, data display configurations
  • Troubleshooter
  • Scanner navigation
Course Objectives
  • Info and Component Test Meter (CTM) operation
  • Introduction to lab scope, ignition scope and the DIS Adapter
  • Single and multiple channel scope operation
  • MODIS ignition scope navigation
Info Menu
  • Previous vehicle ID
  • The A-Z index
  • Using power user tests
  • Finding information in CTM
Lab Scope
  • Introduction to lab scope
  • Scope functions and navigation
  • Scope measurements vs. time
  • Single and multiple channel scope operation
SIA 2000 DIS Adapter (Optional accessory)
  • Displaying secondary ignition signals
  • Distributor ignition with one or more coils or coil-in-cap
  • Waste spark ignition
  • Direct ignition
Course Objectives
  • Understanding vehicle ID, system selection, data display configurations
  • How to use Troubleshooter
Data Display Options
  • Text display, PID list display, Custom PID lists
Graphing Data
  • The purpose of digital and graphed data
  • How to capture, save and interpret graphed data
  • Multiple graph views
Codes and Data
  • Retrieving codes
  • Custom data
  • Capturing relative data in text, PID, and graph displays
Code Menu Options
  • Viewing data relevant to a specific code
  • Freeze frame, DTC status, Global OBD
PID Triggers
  • Advanced data capture techniques, PID triggers, data review
Functional Tests
  • Definition and types of functional tests used in the diagnostic process
Global OBD-II
  • The ten modes of Global OBD-II
  • The difference between VIN-specific and Global OBD
Fast-Track Troubleshooter
  • How to use Troubleshooter and find specific information