VERDICT Training


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  VERDICT Level One

Course Objectives

  • Overview, basic menu functions and navigation
  • Vehicle ID, Troubleshooter, Component Test Meter, scope
  • The VERDICT Wireless productivity concept

VERDICT Platform

  • Connectors and indicator lights


  • Home screen selections
  • Single vehicle ID and link to optional ShopKey, New vehicle ID, Vehicle records, Demo vehicle
  • Trouble codes, data graphing, zoom feature

Integrated Diagnostics

  • Code tips, functional tests, sweep and scale, properties, alarms
  • Custom data list, PID trigger
  • Troubleshooter code tips
  • Bi-directional controls (functional tests)

Creating a Favorites List (CTM)

  • Favorites list, vehicle ID, component selection, test selection
  • View functions
  • Connection instructions
  • Using the M2 Meter as a standalone device 

  VERDICT Level Two

Course Objectives

  • Menu navigation and vehicle ID
  • Scanner navigation - data manager, functional tests, global OBD, Troubleshooter
  • Connecting to a repair information system

Web Links

  • Linking to a ShopKey or Mitchell repair system

Scanner – File Management

  • Saving and retrieving files
  • Advanced options and menu navigation
  • The data viewer

Code Menu

  • Retrieving codes
  • Viewing data relevant to a specific code
  • Freeze frame, DTC status, Global OBD

Functional Tests

  • Definition of functional tests
  • Examples and operation
  • How functional tests aid the diagnostic process

Global OBD-II

  • The tem modes of Global OBD
  • The difference between VIN-specific and Global OBD

Fast-Track® Troubleshooter

  • When to use Troubleshooter
  • How to find information in Troubleshooter 

  VERDICT Level Three

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Lab Scope
  • Introduction to VERDICT meter
  • VERDICT Ignition Scope
  • Bluetooth pairing with the VERDICT meter
  • Understand measurements vs. Time
  • Understand single and multiple traces
  • VERDICT meter, ignition and lab scope navigation
  • The use of lab and ignition scope standard and optional accessories

  VERDICT Quick Start Guide

This module covers:

Basic Scanner navigation using new 10.4 UI (User Interface)

  • Vehicle ID process using Vehicle History or
  • Vehicle ID process using New Vehicle menu
  • Accessing scanner DEMO mode via New Vehicle menu
  • PID access
  • PID Graphing Functions

Basic CTM (Component Test Meter) navigation using new 10.4 UI

  • Vehicle ID process using New Vehicle menu
  • Component selection
  • Basic scope/meter access


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