Vantage PRO Training


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  Vantage PRO Level One

Course Objectives

  • To learn Vantage PRO features and functionality
  • Controls, navigation, menus and settings

Vantage PRO Overview

  • Platform, controls, peripherals and plug-ins

Navigation and Setup

  • General navigation and set-up functions
  • The Main Menu (Toolbox)
  • Utilities content, options, changing tool settings and defaults

Data Management

  • How to save, identify, load, edit, delete, copy, and move data files

Info Menu

  • Just-in-time training and built-in classes
  • Using previous vehicle ID
  • Know what is in the A-Z Index
  • Using Power User Tests
  • Classes, tests and tips
  • Finding information in CTM 

  Vantage PRO Level Two

Course Objectives

  • How to navigate ignition scope and read ignition patterns
  • How to use data management
  • How to use lab scope presets


  • The difference between raw and processed data
  • The difference between scan tools & scopes


  • Calibrating the meter
  • Differences between digital and graphing meter


  • Scope measurements versus time
  • Single and multiple channel scopes
  • When and where to use a lab scope

Menu Navigation

  • Functionality of menu options and menu bars

Current Ramping

  • Case studies – fuse panel remote connection; two channel
  • Finding a defective component using a reference trigger
  • The relationship to firing order

Ignition Scope

  • Navigation
  • When to use: parade, cylinder, raster, superimpose, single, cylinder

Data Management / Lab Scope Presets

  • Understanding presets and when to use them
  • Creating and editing your own presets

Analyzing Scope Patterns

  • How to select demo (practice patterns)
  • Using the zoom function to view recorded data
  • Point of interest viewing 

Vantage PRO

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