SOLUS Ultra Training

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SOLUS Ultra Training Module One

Introduction and Navigation: Start-up, Controls, Touch Screen

SOLUS Ultra Training Module Two

Scanner Codes: Vehicle Manual ID, Vehicle Auto ID, System Selection, Codes Menu

SOLUS Ultra Training Module Three

Scanner Data PID View: Data Menu, PID View, Data Recording/Playback/Pause, Custom Data Lists, PID Sorting

SOLUS Ultra Training Module Four

Scanner Data Graphing View: Views, PID Triggers, Cursors, Cause and Effect, Zoom, Save

SOLUS Ultra Training Module Five

Troubleshooter: Code Tips, Symptom Tips, Common Problems, Tests and Procedures, Fast-Track Fixes

SOLUS Ultra Training Module Six

Functional Tests: Scanner Functional Tests, Scanner Output Controls, Actuator Tests, Custom Data List

SOLUS Ultra Training Module Seven

Global OBD-II: Global OBD-II, The Ten Modes of OBD-II

SOLUS Ultra Training Module Eight

Previous Vehicles and Data: Vehicle History, View Saved Data, Delete Saved Data

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