European Software Kit for VERDICT

European Software Option

Like our Asian and Domestic coverage, Software Upgrade 16.4’s optional European software delivers a long list of new and enhanced coverage for Volkswagen®, Audi®, Alfa Romeo®, BMW®, Jaguar®, FIAT®, MINI®, Mercedes-Benz®, Porsche®, Land Rover®, Volvo® and Smart®! Complete your coverage with OEM-specific European Scanner coverage for 1992 and later.

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16.4 European Coverage Highlights

  • Alfa Romeo: 2015 Model Year Update; Auto ID.
  • BMW/Mini: 2015 Model Year Update; Added Systems to F-Chassis Vehicles: All Around Vision Camera (TRSVC); Seat Module Driver (SMFA/FAS); Seat Module Passenger (SMBF/BFS); Seat Module Driver Rear (SMFAH); Seat Module Passenger Rear (SMBFH); Damper Control (EDC); Damper Satellite Front Left (EDCSVL); Damper Satellite Front Right (EDCSVR); Damper Satellite Rear Left (EDCSHL); Damper Satellite Rear Right (EDCSHR); Automatic Luggage Compartment (HKL); Combox Media (CBX-MEDIA/TEL); Front Headlight Electronics - Left (FLEL/LHML); Front Headlight Electronics - Right (FLER/LHMR); Wheel Alignment for F Chassis; Global OBDII Readiness Monitors and P-Codes in Code Scan.
  • FIAT: 2015 Model Year Update.
  • Jaguar: Airbag Build Mode - 2014-2015 F-Type, 2009-2015 XF, 2010-2015 XJ; Driver’s Seat Module - 2004-2008 S-Type, 2014-2015 F-Type, 2009-2015 XF, 2004-2015 XJ, 2004-2015 XK, 2004-2008 X-Type;Folding Top (Convertible Top) - 2014-2015 F-Type, 2007-2015 XK;Occupant Classification (Seat Cushion Replacement) - 2004-2008 S-Type, 2009-2015 XF, 2004-2015 XJ, 2004-2006 XK, 2004-2008 X-Type;Side Object Detection - 2014-2015 F-Type, 2009-2015 XF, 2011-2015 XJ;Speed Control Module - 2010-2015 XF, 2011-2015 XJ, 2007-2015 XK.
  • Land Rover: 2015 Model Year Update.
  • Mercedes-Benz: ML Class 164, S class 221 – Selective Catalytic Reduction SCRMV;"C205 • Trunk Lid, Touch Pad, Headup Display, Multifunction Control Unit, Shift Module, Battery Management System, Rear Sensors Control Module, Charger, Radar Control Unit, Backup Camera, Multifunction Camera, Camera Cover Control Unit,  Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror,  Electronic Ignition Lock";"S-Class 222• ISM  Shift Module, EZS  Electric Ignition Lock, Multifunction Camera, Multifunction Control Unit, Airmatic, Headup Display, Display in Left Rear Passenger Component, Display in Right Rear Passenger Component, Rear Entertainment System, Touchpad, Left Front Multicontour Seat, Right Front Multicontour Seat, Left Rear Multicontour Seat, Right Rear Multicontour Seat, Left Front Seat Massage Function, Right Front Seat Massage Function, Left Rear Seat Massage Function, Right Rear Seat  Massage Function, Pneumatic Pump For Multicontour Seat, Trunk Lid Control, Left Rear Electric Seat Adjustment, Right Rear Electric Seat Adjustment;360 Camera, Lumbar Support 'Driver Seat', Lumbar Support 'Front Passenger Seat'; Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror, Driver Side Button Group, Center Button Group, Left Front Seat Heater, Right Front Seat Heater; Left Rear Seat Heater, Right Rear Seat Heater, Rear Passenger Compartment Seat Heater, Seat Heat/Seat Ventilation, Battery Management System; DC/DC Converter, Charger, Night View Assist, Radar Sensors Control Unit, Backup Camera, Stationary Heater, Audio/COMAND Operating Unit, ,ZAN/COMAND Display, Camera Cover Control Unit";ML Class 164, GL class 164 • Rear End Door Closing Module ;SL Class 230,231 • Air Conditioning.
  • Porsche: 1996-2015: Auto Weight Sensor; Engine Mount; Stop Watch; Targa Roof; Trailer Hitch; Auxiliary Heater; Air Condition Compressor; Additional Instrument - Clock; Kessy; Magnetic Field Sensor; Panorama Roof; Front Camera; High - Voltage Battery; High - Voltage Power Electronics; High - Voltage Charger; Reducing Agent System; Wiper; Additional Compass Instrument.
  • Smart Car: 2015 Model Year Update.
  • Volvo: 2015 Model Year Update; SWM (Steering Wheel Module) 2001-2004 V70, S80, S60; 2003-2004 XC90, XC70, S40 2.4L and 2.5L; 2005-11 V50, S40; 2006-2013 C70; 2007-2013 C30; PSL/R (Power Seat Module Left/Right) 2006-2013 C70; 2007-2013 C30.
  • Audi/VW: Added System 1D-Driver Identification; Added System 4F-Central Electronics II; Added System 5F-Information Electronics; Added System 6C-Back Up Camera; Added System 6F-Comfort Electronics II; Added System 7F-Information Control Unit 2.

For our complete European coverage listing, view the Upgrade 16.4 Vehicle Application Guide.


European Software Kit for VERDICT


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