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VERUS puts the answers you need at your fingertips, to manage the complete job from start to finish. With true Windows® multitasking, Wi-Fi and an internet browser, you won’t have to leave the service bay to use your repair information system, access technical forums, OEM websites, online parts suppliers, or your favorite web resources (requires internet access).

VERUS is the first fully-integrated handheld diagnostic tool with customer/vehicle records, Scanner, Fast-Track® Troubleshooter, Guided Component Tests, 4-channel lab scope, Fast-Track reference database, and optional ShopKey® repair information.



Our industry-leading diagnostic tools carry the most advanced software available elevating your confidence to perform every job right, the first time, every time. When you update your diagnostic tool to the all-new Software Upgrade 17.2 not only are you getting more coverage to take on the toughest jobs, but you’re also guaranteed to have the most comprehensive diagnostic coverage available supporting 49 vehicle makes. Over half of the additions in every release are for older model vehicles that you see in your shop every day so you can perform your work smarter by diagnosing faster to increase profits.

Want the most powerful diagnostics available today? Contact your Snap-on Franchisee or other sales representative.

New Vehicle Coverage

With Upgrade 17.2 focus your attention on providing better customer care and building lasting relationships from consistently doing a job well done. Upgrade 17.2 offers exclusive coverage and capabilities never seen before outside of a factory tool.

Software Upgrade 17.2 Highlights:

  • BMW® Expert Mode and Module Coding
  • Ford® Diesel Transmission Characterization
  • Enhanced Ford, Toyota® and Mazda® EVAP Test
  • GM® Diesel Catalyst Reset, DPF, After Treatment, NOX Sensor
  • GM Hybrid Coolant Bleed
  • Honda® Camera Aiming
  • Jeep® Differential Fluid Bleed
  • Mercedes-Benz® Occupant Sensor Calibration

Snap-on adds 2016 model year coverage for Harley-Davidson®, Ford, Lincoln®, GM, Jeep, Dodge®, Chrysler®, Ram®, Kia®, Hyundai®, Honda, Acura®, Mitsubishi® and enhanced coverage going back to 1996 for all major makes.

Get new features and coverage, plus all that from previous upgrades!

Each new release includes complete coverage from all previous upgrades.

Learn more about optional European ‘must have’ coverage:

Snap-on’s optional European software offers 12 makes and significantly enhanced coverage for Alfa Romeo®, BMW, FIAT®, Land Rover®, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche®, and Volvo®click here for details.

Take the SureTrack® to Successful Repairs

SureTrack is exclusive with a current Snap-on Software Upgrade. SureTrack provides Real Fixes and verified parts replacement records. How? SureTrack looks at a vehicle’s year, make, model and mileage to compare the trouble code to millions of successful repair orders. SureTrack is integrated into the diagnostic software, so you are only one click away from SureTrack answers. Purchase Upgrade 17.2 and make your tool like new – click here to see what you are missing!

SureTrack – The Fastest Path to Fixed.

Guided Component Tests

Upgrade 17.2 delivers nearly 4 million Guided Component Test procedures including top-level information on platforms with component test capabilities. This includes:

  • Training and tips for Diesel Emission Systems, EVAP Systems and Body Systems Sub Codes Engine Drive Cycles
  • Guided Component Tests for Hybrid Electrical, Diesel Emissions Components and enhanced Body Electrical Systems in domestic, Asian and European mode

Get to the root cause faster with exclusive Guided Component Tests that show how to test, where to connect and what results to look for!

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Also see the ShopKey Management Viewer for VERUS

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