VERUS Self Service Tools (8.4-10.2)


Put the experience of the Snap-on Customer Care team to work for you

Use the following tools only under the direction of a Snap-on Customer Care Agent.

For information, email or call 800-424-7226.


 Please SAVE the required tool to the local machine and run locally.
 The tools on this site are not designed to be run from the Internet.


  1.    Snap-on Remote Technical Assistance (Password Required)
  1A.  VERUS 323 Firefox Download
  3.    VERUS® Service Release Software (ALL)
  4.    VERUS Error Message Menu
  5.    VERUS Preferred Settings
  6.    VERUS CheckDisk Manager
  7.    VERUS License Manager
  8.    VERUS CPU Reset Tool (VERUS 323 ONLY)
  9.    VERUS Hang On Shutdown At Saving Settings Screen
10.    VERUS Adobe Acrobat Reader V9 Patch
11.    VERUS Download Printer Drivers For Snap-on Tech Carts
12.    VERUS SBSE Tool Box
13.    VERUS Vehicle Index Tool
14.    VERUS Database Backup/Restore/Transfer Utility (Units Above 10.4)
15.    VERUS Internet Explorer 8 Required For ProDemand/ShopKey 8
16.    VERUS Test The Condition Of ShopStream Product Battery  Battery Messages
21.    VERUS Wi-Fi Setting's Backup
34.    VERUS Repairs For a Missing Virtual Keyboard (All Versions)
37.    VERUS Comprehensive Hard Drive Maintenance (May Take Several Hours)
38.    VERUS Customer Care Service Package




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