European Coverage

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Expanded European scanner coverage now available on: VERUS®, VERDICT®, MODIS™, SOLUS™ and ETHOS® families.

Understanding European cars is hard enough. The last thing you need is flak from your diagnostic tool. That’s why Snap-on® is beefing up European vehicle coverage to give you true OEM-specific coverage on Audi, BMW, FIAT, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, SMART, VW and Volvo. Don’t settle for an inferior tool.

Get true Snap-on reliability, support and all the coverage you need, right here.

Audi Models: 80, 100/S4, A3, A4, A5, A6, A6/ALLROAD, A7, A8, Cabriolet, R8, S4, S5, S6, S6/S7, S8, TT, Q5, Q7, V8
Systems: Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Body / Comfort, Instrument, Climate Control, Vehicle Theft Deterrent / Start Authorization-Kessy-Entry, TPMS, Audio / Navigation / Telematics, Electric Wiper Control, Body Electric, Brake Electric, Belt Tensioner, Seat & Mirror, Steering Wheel Electric, Distance Control, Electric Trailer Module, Keyless Entry, 4WD, Battery Regulation, Code Scan, Clear All Codes, Level Control Xenon Headlights, Park Assist, Door Modules, Wheel Alignment, Trunk / Liftgate, Suspension, Telematics

BMW Models: 1-Series, 3-Series, 5-Series, 5-Series GT, 6-Series, 7-Series, 8-Series, X1, X3, X5, X6, Z3, Z4, Z8
Systems: Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag, HVAC, Instrument, Power Management, Immobilizer, Park Distance Control, Parking Brake, Wheel Alignment, TPMS, Suspension, Body, Steering Angle Sensor, Body Electric, Door Module, Seat Module, Rain Light Sensor, Lights Module, Electronic Power Steering, Fuel Pump, Code Scan, Clear All Codes, Footwell Module, Junction Box, Sunroof, Transfer Box, Service Interval Reset, Gear Selector Switch, Wiper Module

FIAT Models: 500 ABARTH, 500L Easy, 500 Electric, 500 Lounge, 500L Lounge, 500 Pop, 500L Pop, 500 Sport, 500 Trekking, 500 Turbo
Systems: Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag, Instrument, Body, Electronic Power Steering, Parking Assist, Radio, Service Interval Reset, Telematic Module, TPMS, Transport Mode, Wheel Alignment, HVAC, Code Scan, Clear All Codes, Battery Module

Jaguar Models: F-Type, S-Type, XF, XJ, XK, X-Type
Systems: Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag, Electronic Parking Brake, Shifter Module, Code Scan, Clear All Codes, Instrument, TPMS, Body, Alarm System, Suspension, HVAC, Chassis Control Module, Gateway Module, Door Modules, Headlamp Control Module, Service Interval Reset

Land Rover Models: Defender, Discovery, Discovery II, Discovery LR3, Discovery LR4, Freelander, Freelander LR2, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport
Systems: Engine, Transmission, ABS / Dynamic Stability Program, Airbag, Body, Suspension (RLCM), Climate Control, Parking Brake, Instruments, Park Distance Control, Wheel Alignment, Steering Column, TPMS, All Terrain, Door Module, Seat Module, Restraint Control Module, Occupant, Keyless Entry, Steering Angle Sensor Module, Service Interval Reset, Trailer Module, Running Board Module, Code Scan, Clear All Codes, Chassis Control Module, Lighting Control

Mercedes-Benz Models: 190-Class, A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, CLA-Class, CLK-Class, CL-Class, CLS-Class, E-Class, G-Class, GL-Class, GLK-Class, M-Class, ML-Class, R-Class, S-Class, SL-Class, SLK-Class, SLR-Class, SLS-Class, Sprinter
Systems: Engine, Transmission, ABS / ESP, Airbag, Climate Control, Instrument, Door Modules, Xenon Lights, Park Distance Control, Distronic / Active Cruise Control, Shifter, TPMS, Immobilizer, Driver / Passenger / Rear SAM, Steering Column Module, OCP / Over-Head / Upper Control Module, Parking Brake, Active Service System, Headlamp Ranger Adjustment, Transfer Case, Catalytic Reduction, Suspension, Hybrid Controls, Wheel Alignment, Central Gateway, Seats, Battery Control Module, Service Interval Reset, Intelligent Servo Module, Electronic Gear Selector, Ignition Switch, Clear All Codes, Code Scan, Roof Module, Electronic Power Steering, Pneumatic System Equipment

MINI Models: Cooper, R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60
Systems: Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag, Instrument, Immobilizer, Wheel Alignment, Park Distance Control, Footwell Module, Code Scan, Clear All Codes, HVAC, Electronic Power Steering, Junction Box, Service Interval

PORSCHE Models: 911, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayenne Hybrid, Cayman, Panamera, Panamera Hybrid
Systems: Engine, HVAC, Airbag, ABS, Instrument, Front / Rear Electronics, Gateway, Steering Column, TPMS, Transmission, Headlights, Parking Brake, Cornering Light, Convertible Top, Door Modules, Liftgate / Trunk, Seat Memory, Park Assist

SMART Models: ForTwo Cabriolet, ForTwo Coupe
Systems: Engine, Airbag, ABS / Traction, Trans, Electronic Stability Program, Instrument, Reset Service Interval, SAM, Electronic Power Steering, Code Scan, Clear All Codes, TPMS, Wheel Alignment, HVAC, Signal Actuation Module, Electronic Selector Lever, Occupant

Volkswagen Models: Cabriolet, Corrado, CC, EOS, Eurovan, Fox, Golf, GTI, Golf/GTI Hybrid, Jetta, Jetta Hybrid, Jetta Sport Wagon, New Beetle, New Beetle Cabrio, New Jetta, Passat, Phaeton, Rabbit, Tiguan, Touareg
Systems: Engine, Trans, ABS, Airbag, Instrument, Body / Comfort Systems, Climate Control, Vehicle Theft Deterrent, TPMS, Chassis Control, Battery Management, Start Authorization, System Selection Scan, Xenon Headlights, Park Assist, Wheel Alignment, Electric Wiper Control, Door Modules, CAN Gateway, 4WD, Digital Radio, Door Lock System, Audio / Navi / Telematics, Body Electric, Brake Electric, Suspension, Belt Tensioner, Seat & Mirror, Steering Wheel Electric, Keyless Entry

Volvo Models: C30, C70, S40, S60, S70, S80, V40, V50, V70, XC60, XC70, XC90
Systems: Engine, Trans, ABS / Dynamic Stability Program / DEM, Airbag, Wheel Alignment, Steering Angle Sensor, Parking Brake, Body Electronics, TPMS, Electric Throttle Module, Climate Control, Driver Info Module, Electronic Power Steering, Service Interval Reset, Instrument, Headlamp Control Module, Door Modules, Clear All Codes, Code Scan


Note: Not all systems shown apply to all models listed.