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A Snap-on® Software Subscription is a great way to reinforce your position as the go-to tech and protect your financial future. Serious technicians can’t afford not to have the most up-to-date diagnostic software, so they’re ready for any vehicle that rolls into the bay.


A Snap-on Software Subscription is the no-hassle, low-cost way to get updated automatically.

Software Subscription Savings

You actually save money (which means lower payments)* and have the option to pay weekly or monthly, whichever works best for you.


A Snap-on Software Subscription provides comprehensive capabilities for late-model and older vehicles. Your diagnostic tool stays up-to-date automatically and you stay at your maximum earning potential as long as you’re subscribed with Snap-on Software.

Software Subscription includes:
  • Continuous coverage
  • New model year coverage and expanded coverage back to 1992
  • Coverage from all previous software upgrades
  • Navigation enhancements for faster vehicle ID and quicker access to results
  • SureTrack® — a unique source of expert knowledge, diagnostic experience and parts replacement records from successful repairs available for VERUS® family, VERDICT® family, MODIS™ Ultra and SOLUS™ Edge products

NO MORE throwing parts at problems. NO MORE sending to dealers. NO MORE losing out on high-profit repairs.

Get High-performance diagnostics specially formulated to put you at the top of your game to fix more cars faster. Ask your Representative for details.

Participating Representatives only.
*Year over year savings and payments are estimated, does not include taxes and other charges, and are subject to change. US only pricing.
All VERUS®, VERDICT®, and MODIS™ Series, SOLUS™ Edge, SOLUS Ultra®, SOLUS PRO™ and ETHOS® Plus platforms eligible.

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