How We Compare: Evaluate the Snap-on Franchise Opportunity

Snap-on Franchisees is a Family Business.

The Snap-on franchise proposition stacks up well against other franchise opportunities in numerous ways. Cost of entry is very competitive, products are best in class and the customer base is already established. Plus, there is no expensive investment in a fixed site location or ongoing percentage rent like you have in most lease agreements.

  • Industry Leader: Snap-on is universally recognized by professionals as the absolute highest quality tools in the industry.
  • Not Tied to Real Estate: The benefit of a mobile tool store is just that: it's mobile. No building codes to comply with and no fixed site expenses like percentage rent and leasehold improvements.
  • History of Success: Snap-on has built a proven business model of success that has lasted decades longer than some of our competitors.
  • Built-in Customer Base: Each franchisee receives a protected, surveyed list of calls of potential professional tool users.
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