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Snap-on brings tools to professionals.

Having a technical background or auto-repair knowledge is not at all a prerequisite for this business. We have successful franchisees from all walks of life and backgrounds including management, teaching, sales and some right out of school.

Why is that? First and foremost, it’s simply the strength of the Snap-on brand and our proven operating system. It is much easier to succeed when you are selling the best product in the industry.

But another major factor is our outstanding training program. You will receive exceptional training to get you started and Snap-on will continue to support you through the years, doing everything we can to help you make your Snap-on franchise a success.

Your training will start when you go on your first ride-along. You'll gain real Snap-on hands-on experience from franchisees who know what they're doing.

After that, you'll receive approximately six days of extensive classroom training in Ft. Worth at Snap-on University learning how to “talk your tools.”

And for at least the first three weeks of your business, management will work your franchise with you, riding in your truck to help you make the transition. We'll even help show you how to set up your mobile store.

But your training actually never stops. Snap-on will continue to keep you abreast on our latest products, along with their selling points, to give you even more solutions to offer your customers.

You'll be able to keep customers up to date on new products and service ideas, handle warranty repair and replacement when necessary, and provide affordable programs for technicians to follow to expand and develop their tools and capabilities.

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