Snap-on Franchise Investment Information

Snap-on is a Family Business

You will find that a Snap-on franchise has a low Franchise fee (£7,000), no ongoing royalties and no initial training fees. This is because we are not in the business of selling Franchises. We are a manufacturing company and make our money selling high quality, premium tools just like you. And, since you have a mobile store, you don't have all the expenses most fixed-site franchises have, and you won't even have employee expenses unless you choose to expand your operation. This lower overhead makes it easier for you to invest in your business and build your equity and net worth.

The total cost of a Snap-on franchise is £73,260 which includes all business set-up costs and your working capital.

We have our own in-house finance group, Snap-on Finance, who offer a variety of financing programmes to finance the majority of the investment with down payments as a low as £7,500  for qualified applicants so you won’t need to go to the banks.

You will need £17,960 liquid capital which includes your £7,500 down payment on the business loan, your working capital and your business start-up costs; we can then finance the rest.


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