Meter Certification
Modeled after Snap-on Diagnostic Certification, Meter Certification is an increasingly necessary program for  a variety of industries such as Wind Power, Transportation, Technology programs and Manufacturing.  Schools within the network will have their instructors certified as trainers.  All certifications are obtained from schools which are authorized as Certification Training Centers. Meter certification cascades from post secondary schools to the high schools and has the ability to be articulated. Meter certification and training is the perfect break through for technology programs to be integrated with academics. As well as including science and mathematics but a natural tie to HVAC and Robotics

The benefits of this formal training include:
•    Observed, supervised environment
•    Opportunity for students to practice with direct feedback
•    Lab exercises developed for student success
•    The opportunity to train in an elite school

The  program offers certification on:


 EEDM504D – Just what you need to test basic electrical test circuits and components. Test for Volts, ohms, amps, micro amps, capacitance, frequency, diode and continuity. Automatic auto-range kicks in on start up for quick use or dial in readings with the selectable manual range. The rubber boot protects against drop shock. Special fuse and battery compartments make replacement quick and easy. The 4,000 count display provides good resolution.




EEDM525D – Get all of the great features of the EEDM504D and more. Move to the next level with these great added features: True RMS measurements increase the accuracy, plus a direct temperature test setting without an add-on module and display backlight for viewing in low light areas. The 4,000 count display provides good resolution.



EEDM596DK – Step up to the full featured Automotive Meter. Features all of the test functions of the EEDM525D but goes further with automotive components and settings such as an inductive pick-up for RPM readings, peak hold for capturing unusual signals and functions for pulse width, duty cycle and dwell for classic cars, small engines and aircraft applications. Stroke and number of cylinders enables dialing in engine type and style for a variety of applications. This set includes the inductive pick-up, temperature probes, USB computer interface cable and software all ready to go in the convenient blow molded carrying case. The 40,000 count display provides exceptional resolution via increased decimal display readings.



  EEDM604C – Hybrid vehicle repairs can be handled safely with the CAT III 1,000 volt rating.  Get all the functions of the EEDM525D above plus the increased safety ratings required for hybrid vehicles and wind power generation. Special fuses and board circuitry increase user protection for dealing with high voltage spikes. The 50,000 count display provides excellent resolution via increased decimal display readings.