Undercar Certification

Today’s sophisticated vehicles require precise measurement of wheel alignment angles to ensure the desired driving control and ride comfort are achieved. The John Bean wheel alignment systems from Snap-on Equipment offer technicians and consumers “fixed-right- the-first-time” confidence, saving time and money. The true power of these sophisticated machines can only be fully realized with Snap-on certified training. Snap-on certified instructors are prepared to train students, educators, and professionals for Snap-on Wheel Alignment Certification.

The undercar equipment products incorporated in the certification are:


 Arago V3D

The Arago V3D is the fastest, most accurate aligner in the industry. Thanks to its DigiSmart™ technology, the Arago V3D’s cameras track all four vehicle targets automatically and at any height. Rolling compensation can be performed without lifting the vehicle, guaranteeing readings in 2 minutes - now that’s fast! The Arago V3D is perfect for those shops handling a high volume of alignments and looking for dramatic improvements in profitability.

 BFH 1000

The BFH 1000 is an intelligent machine. It captures a 3-Dimensional image of the wheel and tire assembly. That image information is matched to a stored database of wheel profiles. In mere seconds, it diagnoses non-conformity issues with the entire wheel and tire assembly as well as with the tire and wheel independently. A simple-to-navigate graphics-driven user interface guides the operator through the process and indicates the best action based on wheel types and diagnostic readings. The BFH 1000’s "Touchless" measurement system improves confidence by eliminating error potential and improving accuracy. This bridges the gap between technician knowledge and vehicle technology - saving you the expense of frequent and costly training.


 EHP System V

John Bean’s EHP System V tire changer is the answer to the latest needs of the modern tire service center. This racing type tilt-tower tire changer is ideal for handling the largest high-performance wheels as well as the passenger car and light truck wheels of the future. The EHP System V’s combination of speed, versatility and safety translate to better wheel service and increased profits for your business.



The Prism is the world’s first alignment system to combine imaging alignment technology in a portable package. It provides dramatic productivity improvements and offers more features than conventional aligners, at a lower price. The Prism leverages a wireless communication system with Bluetooth™ technology, cordless pods powered by Lithium Ion Batteries, and components made from lightweight magnesium. The Prism combines advanced technology and affordability to take your alignment business to the next level.