Product Safety Archive

Product Safety Notices

PS Advisory, Tire Changer Clamping Adaptors, all models ST4029446 (EAA0332G81A),

     EAA0351G93A, and EAA0332G83A (May 2014)

PS Retrofit, EPIQ Grills, all models (Mar. 2014)

PS Advisory, YA786 Floor Jack (Mar. 2013)

PS Advisory, 4-Post Automotive Lifts, All Models (Jan. 2013)

PS Retrofit, Tool Storage Graphic Skins (Jan. 2013)

PS  Retrofit, Tilt Camera for Aligner, EAK0289 series (Oct. 2012)

PS Recall, EEBM100 Battery Maintainer (Feb. 2012)

PS Retrofit, Open Front 4-Post Lifts (Jan. 2011)

PS Retrofit, EEBC500 Battery Charger Plus (Jan. 2011)

PS Advisory, 1/4 inch Ratchet Repair (Nov. 2010)

PS Advisory, Tool Utility Vehicles (TUV's) (Sept. 2010)

PS Recall, Honda MOTUS Motorcycle Lift (Nov. 2009)

PS  Advisory, Wire Ropes, Locking System, 4-Post Lifts (June 2009)

PS  Advisory, Lusterwear Ceramic Coffee Mug (March 2009)


Product Safety Reminders

  • Cordless tools have d.c. motors and switch contacts that can create sparks during normal operation. Sparks can ignite flammable vapors such as gasoline fumes. These fumes can enter the tool through cooling vents. It is important to use caution in areas where gasoline or other flammable vapors may be present, such as near the fuel tank, under the hood fuel rails or anywhere near a fuel system. Do not use any cordless tool where flammable vapors are suspected in order to avoid combustion and possible serious injury.

  • Tightening of Wheel Lug Nuts
    • To assure that wheel lug nuts are properly tightened so that wheels do not "fall off" use an appropriate Torque Wrench.
    • Follow the manufacturer's torque specifications for each vehicle.
    • Use the "star pattern" of tightening. Retighten the initially tightened nuts.
    • If Torque Sticks or Torque Extensions are used, follow the star pattern and make a final check for proper torque using a torque wrench.

  • Black SSD style screwdrivers, last sold over 25 years ago, may experience a degradation of the plastic handle resulting in a wet slippery surface on the handle. If you have screwdrivers in this condition, please contact Snap-on Customer Service at 877-762-7664 for a free warranty exchange.

  • A hammer that has a chip cavity will more easily chip again if struck adjacent the chip cavity. Also, a hammer face with significant deformation such as a “dent” may chip if struck in the damaged area. A ball peen hammer is one of the most widely used - and often abused - mechanic’s tool. To protect yourself, and others, from injury:
    • WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES, user and bystanders

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